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School spirit sales are an enticing market opportunity with plenty of athletes, fans, students, parents, and teachers as possible buyers.

Some of the best images from the 2017 International Landscape Photographer of the Year contest.

Climate change and population increases are likely to see us fight for increasingly scarce resources, according to a new paper.

India is fast acquiring the ability to shape the Indo-Pacific region and, beyond that, the dynamically evolving global order.

I bought my mother a $75 gift certificate for a facial about a year ago, but just discovered she never used it! The certificate has a six-month expiration date. Is there any way she can still redeem this
An astounding number of gift certificates are probably lying around in the desk drawers of self-denying moms. But common though this problem must be, only a few states' laws have dealt with it.
People who live in California are in luck. It's against California…

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Prenups are contracts designed to prevent disputes about all marital assets, not just financial. This can include anything from a house to a pet. There's a lot of misinformation out there about what prenups can and can't protect — here are eight myths about prenups that people should stop believing.