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No matter your role in the autism community, OUR CONFERENCE IS FOR YOU!
With more than 70 workshop choices and 100 exhibits, our conference can be tailored to meet your needs for information and resources.
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Each episode of Inclusive Technology 4 All will bring you information about Inclusive and Assistive Technology to increase independence.
In this episode:
Tech Tool Spotlight: Presentation Translator for Powerpoint
Exploring Built in Accessibility features
#ATchat Update: 10/10/18
Topic: Curriculum, Modifications and Accommodations
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Fourteen years ago this month I held out a trembling hand as my then seventeen-month-old son's pediatrician shoved some incomplete articles with the word "autism" prominently placed in the title, wished me luck, and hastily exited the room.
He literally couldn't get out of there fast enough.

Red Roof PLUS+ Phoenix West is a cheap, pet friendly, smoke-free hotel with an outdoor pool, free Wi-Fi, expanded cable and free parking, located near the airport.

The St. Clair Hotel, part of the Red Collection by Red Roof is a discount smoke-free hotel located near Michigan Avenue, McCormick Convention Center & United Center.

Red Roof Inn Syracuse is a discount, smoke-free, family friendly hotel with free parking and is located by Syracuse University and NY State Fairgrounds.

How to use the font pair of Helvetica Neue and Menlo. Examples of the best websites for this font pair.

A public temper tantrum—it’s every parent’s worst nightmare. They can be frustrating, embarrassing, unexpected… and are completely normal. In order to manage a tantrum, it is important to try to understand the cause. This can be difficult because they

The original “anatomy of a spam page” was written in 2000, but recently, I landed on a web site that was so bad I decided to share a…

By Dr. Kyle Pruett • March 30th, 2010
Excerpt from Me, Myself and I
At first, it probably appears to the child that it is the toilet that’s being trained (hence the misnomer “toilet training”). After all, she is typically reasonably satisfied to fill her diaper and continue on about her business. It is parents who are so enthusiastic for her to move on to the pot in support of public health
The transition need not be Armageddon if parents remember that a…