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Binary Semantics is leading IT Consultancy & Software Application Development Services Company in India. Our expertise in Custom Software, Mobile App & DBA Services

A little more than half will search online for coupons they can use during their brick-and-mortar shopping trips.

Schools continue to excel, but threats loom The latest U.S. News and World Report state rankings are out, and New Jersey once again has some of the best public schools in the nation, with a #2 ranking for education. NJEA President Marie Blistan congratulated NJEA members for once again elevating our public schools to national …

Part 1 of our 4-part series on supply chain and logistics as a career path defines what this growing field entails.

Student athletes at Clayton High School, Copeland Middle School (Rockaway) and Pompton Lakes High School will benefit from the 2019 California Casualty Thomas R. Brown Athletics Grant program. They are among 64 public middle schools and high schools in 32 states awarded a total of $67,000 to aid sports programs affected by tight budgets. The …

What happens to consumer data is a big concern — and rightfully so. Nearly every week, rumblings about a new data breach, and the repercussions of it, are heard and can be beyond repair for the responsible brand. Not only will the company encounter consumer backlash, but it could also suffer potential

For a bartender with limited skills and experience, mixing a cocktail with accuracy and consistency is a challenge. The same is true for a data “mixologist” building the right media targeting “cocktail” to drive the highest possible return on client ad spend. For this reason, brands

With so much data available to us how do we know which website metrics matter? This guide helps you identify the best metrics for your business.

MapleSim, an advanced system-level modeling and simulation tool uses latest methods to affectedly diminish model development time, offer insight into system behavior and produce fast, high-fidelity simulations.

You now know what a Design Sprint is, you got your marketing team ready, and you’re ready to get to business. And then what? Here is a breakdown of what you will actually be doing during the Design Sprint, organized by the days of your design week

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We live in a time where there is an abundance of avenues for brands to engage with modern consumers. It is clear, however, that favoring one specific channel is no longer sufficient, as consumers are proving they interact with a variety of media when it’s most convenient for them — often using

Kohl’s agreement to accept Amazon returns at all of its stores presents obvious upsides for the brick-and-mortar chain, notably foot traffic. But it also helps relieve Amazon of an increasingly cumbersome, and expensive, issue. How online retail is trying to get its arms around returns.

Here is a presentation that I made last week about how to understand the design process, explained through the lens of Thanos, that lovable scamp from “Avengers: Endgame.” (Mild spoiler…

Unlock secrets of your data with SAS Visual Analytics-Data Visualization Software Tools from SAS and Mobile BI Apps with iPad and Android support.

Data Provides Insight Into What Motivates Moms and how Marketers can Appeal to Them
LIVONIA, Mich., May 2, 2019: With Mother’s Day just around the corner, Valassis, a leader in marketing technology and consumer engagement, released new research on how today’s moms shop and make purchase decisions

As Mother’s Day approaches, new research takes a look at how moms shop for groceries

My son and his wife recently had a baby. Yes, that means my husband and I are new grands! Since they got married a few years ago, I have observed how they handle being new homeowners, manage two careers and now a new baby. They share the responsibilities around the house, including normal maintenance,

This edition of Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine's Research Roundup features F&B companies views on mobile technology, the cashless

The month of May is Movers Month. In celebration of it, we surveyed 1,000 US adults who have moved within the last year. Here are the top four tips from their wisdom
Always change your door locks . Believe it or not, nearly 37% of new movers haven’t changed their locks and 24% don’t have plans to.
Patch and paint your own walls. Nearly 3 in 5 recent movers have done this themselves, and with the new ProjectColor app takes the guess work…

Consumer Look-alikes Don’t Necessarily Act Alike
LIVONIA, Mich., April 30, 2019: Valassis, a leader in marketing technology and consumer engagement, today released new research via its “Defining the Coupon & Value Restaurant Consumer” study, providing insights for restaurants and

In search of ways to reverse declining traffic trends in this hyper-competitive industry, it’s worth reexamining coupons. Americans are eating out less often, due in part to the convenience of meal kits and food delivery. However, this study holds promise, proving that:
Restaurant coupons encourage trial
Consumers that use restaurant coupons are more frequent visitors

When we watch movies, the set exists to transport us into the world of the story and to help guide us through that story. We aren't supposed to be consciously

Sigmund Freud admitted he did not know what women want, but Valassis knows the yearnings of online grocery shoppers.

The Justice Department could be on the way to its latest victory this term in cases involving an oft-litigated sentencing law with steep mandatory minimums.

U.S. Supreme Court justices were divided April 23 in a case asking whether warrantless blood alcohol draws of unconscious drivers authorized by state law are constitutional.

Father’s Day, 2019 marks the 23rd year I have been part of this club. It sure feels like each year gets better and better.
As a father, so much of the year is devoted to ensuring that your kids are safe and successful. As the day of celebration actually approaches, the discussions inevitably

As a designer one of the most rewarding parts of a space is adding the details. The details are the items in a space that catch peoples eye and make a space feel thoughtful and personal. One of the most exciting items to source is lighting. The options for lighting are endless so it helps …