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Social security is often associated with many misconceptions. Allow Fidelity to clear up any myths about social security.

Small private foundations saw their assets decrease at the end of 2018 after robust growth a year earlier.

Startup manufacturer Indiana Wheel Corp. will invest $23 million and create over 100 jobs at a 300,000-square-foot production facility in Plymouth, IN.

New survey shows how using a real-life professional travel agent can spare travelers significant financial losses.

British aviators John Alcock and Arthur Brown completed the first nonstop transatlantic flight in 1919. An egg-shaped monument in Ireland marks this moment in aviation history.

Adapting to your situation so that you can ultimately thrive is key.

It was at a dinner shortly after the wedding that the idea came up. One of Frederic’s younger sister had just married the most eligible bachelor in town. Chilled drinks were flowing. And so were the ideas. As Frederic’s rich older brother William joked with friends, out tumbled one of those ideas: ice for everyone. … Continue reading "Frederic Tudor: How To Turn Your Ice-Cold, Crazy Ideas Into Epic Success."

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Major new hotel developments on the tiny island of Santorini provide more luxury options for visitors.

Now that AVENGERS: ENDGAME has come and gone, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is free to get back to being your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man … or so he thinks. In July, SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME...

The company will continue its $7.5 million investment and create 50 new jobs over the next two years from its new headquarters in Chamblee, GA.

The Italy-based advanced manufacturing company will create 100 jobs at the Cincinnati Region's historic Dayton Daily News Building.

There’s a reason “dress for the job you want” is a timeless adage. Can you imagine Elton John in a hoodie and jeans? Or Pennywise in a tutu? Clothes are an expression of who we are and how we want...

With so much emphasis on ‘Smart’ everything, it can be easy to forget that many applications only need simple networking connections, which are incredibly easy to do with Zerynth Python.

Many times people tell me they “could never” be in sales. When I ask why, I get vague answers about not liking to sell or not being good at it.

People respond to leaders who are authentic and genuine. Be authentic and genuine every day of the week.