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If you’re a sophomore or a junior, you’re probably already in the process of looking for a place to live next year. The current state of apartment hunting in Providence is reminiscent of the recruiting cycle — it happens earlier and earlier every year, and chances are that all of …

As a practicing physician, Francois Luks, professor of surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology at the Alpert Medical School, regularly used drawings to illustrate complicated medical concepts to his patients.

Jackie Bradley Jr. hit a grand slam, Nathan Eovaldi hushed Houston a day after some social media trash talk and the Boston Red Sox beat the Astros 8-2 on Tuesday to take a 2-1 lead in the AL Championship Series.

In some of the instances thieves broken into unlocked cars. But the most recent crime in Exeter, someone smashed a car window.

MONTEREY — After three years stored away in safe keeping, the Monterey Conference Center’s mosaic mural is finally being re-installed. The 11- by 45-foot mural depicts 150 scenes from …

SALINAS — With Election Day a few weeks away, the Monterey County Elections Office is looking for poll workers. According to Claudio Valenzuela, the county’s registrar of voters, the of…

Knockout cushion cut sapphire from Sri Lanka, approximately 6.20 carats, flanked by two sparkling shield shaped diamonds in an 18K yellow gold and platinum mounting. All stones are GIA-certified in this heirloom-quality, truly special piece.

​​Parents and child care providers can help prevent and slow the spread of the flu. In this article, you will find information on preventing the flu and materials and tools for child care facilities.

he film “Crazy Rich Asians” has sparked discussions since its release. In efforts to create a space for open dialogue on how the film impacts and portrays both Asian American and wider Asian communities, student groups held a panel and critical discussion forum last Thursday in List Auditorium.

Simply put, spinal stenosis describes a narrowing at the openings of the spine. When spinal stenosis exists in the cervical spine, it’s called cervical spinal stenosis (CSS). This condition is usually the result of wear-and-tear

The disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi and calls for a tough U.S. response put the president in a hot spot

Dimeo has enjoyed great success for over 40 years in the city of Boston constructing high profile residential assignments in tight downtown settings, including projects such as Hub 25, Avenir, 860 Harrison Avenue, Jackson Gardens and Lincoln Way, Maverick Gardens and Davenport Commons.

Changing our food system might be the key not only to feeding the planet, but also ensuring people and nature thrive

Suit For Specific Performance: Plaintiff Has To Prove And Establish His Readiness And Willingness To Perform His Part Of Contract Throughout [Vijay Kumar vs. Om Prakash] The Supreme Court, while restoring a trial court order that dismissed a suit for specific performance of contract, reiterated that, in order to obtain a decree for specific performance, …

postoperative day 1 vs standard catheter removal on day 3
This is a randomized, noninferiority trial.
This study was conducted at an urban teaching hospital.
Patients undergoing colorectal surgery below the peritoneal reflection were selected.
A 1:1 randomization to early or standard catheter removal was performed. Patients in the early arm were administered an α-antagonist (prazosin 1 mg oral) 6 hours before…

purpose of this study was to analyze disease-free and overall survival
This was a nonrandomized phase II trial.
The study was conducted at multiple institutions.
Four sequential study groups with stage II or III rectal cancer were included.
All of the patients received 50 Gy of radiation with concurrent continuous infusion of fluorouracil for 5 weeks. Patients in each group received 0,…

This free class will offer hands-on tips for how to comfortably and safely ride JUMP bikes. Food, swag, and Spanish translation will be provided
JUMP representatives will be present to help enroll qualifying residents in the BOOST plan: 60 minutes of daily ride time for just $5 for the first year.
To qualify, residents must bring:
1) A credit or debit card
2) Documentation of participation in one of the following programs:
RIPTA Reduced Fare…

Can a unified path for development and conservation lead to a better future?

While spring and summer are ideal for insect infestations in New England, the fall and winter will generally bring more problems, when wildlife pests are…

Monterey’s Old Fisherman’s Wharf celebrated 173 years Sunday with a birthday bash!