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National Dentist's Day is observed on March 6 and was created as a day to say "Thank You" and show appreciation to our dentists. Here are a few ways to do that...

Fewer Kentuckians are delaying or skipping dental care because of the cost, but only about six in 10 Kentucky adults saw a dentist in the past year, according to the latest Kentucky Health Issues Poll

Annual U.S. spending on dental care is projected to reach more than $203 billion by 2027, according to a February 20 report in Health Affairs. While dental care spending will increase by more than $60 billion by that point, the annual growth rate for dental spending will lag overall growth in healthcare expenditures in the country.

The District of Columbia and 14 U.S. states have passed laws encouraging children to get dental screenings before the school year. However, these laws struggle to have a measurable impact, according to a report published on January 31.

The American Dental Association recommends flossing at least once a day for good oral health. If flossing isn’t already a

The Action for Dental Health Act became law on December 11, 2018, after stalling for more than 18 months in the U.S. Congress. The law funds oral health promotion and disease prevention program and also aims to increase access to care in underserved communities. It is cited by both the ADA and Oral Health America as a victory for dentistry and public health.

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Job Summary
Under the direction of the Business Office Supervisor, is responsible for screening all billing and posting activities for the center. Process all cashiering functions as per approved guidelines and protocols. The cashier is also responsible for screening and assessing all patients in order to determine their financial eligibility for clinic services.
Experience and Training:
1. At least one year experience in…

UMC in Del Rio celebrates National Nurses Week 2018 with a theme a day. MON the 7th is "Hawaiian Day" WED the 9th is "Decades Day!"

Welcome to United Medical Centers (UMC) we provide high quality, affordable, and accessible healthcare services to residents of Eagle Pass, Del Rio, Brackettville and surrounding areas.

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UMC held a FREE event to raise awareness about Cervical Cancer to benefit of the community. The event was held on JAN 31, 2018 at the Intentional Center for Trade in Eagle Pass, TX. Our guest...

The fate of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) hangs in the balance and with it so does access to dental coverage for millions of children. As CDHP has previously reported , funding for CHIP runs out on September 30, 2015 unless Congress takes action. If CHIP funding is
not extended, many families will be offered coverage through the new health insurance marketplaces, which present a…

The political climate in Washington is tense right now — especially when it comes to health care.