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Welcome to Roo High School, where no question is off-limits. Watch MyLifeAsEva, La’Shaunae Steward, James Butler, and sex ed chatbot Roo answer questions abo...

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Emily Meade had never heard of an “intimacy coordinator” when she asked for someone to oversee her sex scenes on “The Deuce." Hollywood listened.

Use the four tactics below to improve your supply chain processes in ways that directly improve the patient experience.

The guidelines include sections on terminology, evaluation, medical management, transgender-specific surgeries, and additional resources.

The clinic won another reprieve after a state commission granted more time to resolve a licensing dispute with the health department.

Prep with help from Kaplan Medical. The case: A 60-year-old man has tender blisters on his arm and flank, worsening over the last few months. What condition do they likely portend?

When it comes to mitigating and preventing physician burnout, doctors cannot do it alone. Learn how a team-based approach can rise to the task.

Politicians are stripping LGBTQ people of their right to health care, writes Planned Parenthood's Tamika Turner.

Using the Mini Z burnout survey and collaborating with IT allowed Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center to identify 20 changes to improve physician work lives.

The MCAT is not easy. One medical student whose persistence in exam prep paid off offers this advice to those aspiring to be physicians.

Prep with help from Kaplan Medical. The case: A 61-year-old man has a two-month history of hypercholesterolemia. What is the diagnosis?

McKesson Corporation (NYSE:MCK) today reported that revenues for the fourth quarter ended March 31, 2019, were $52.4 billion compared to $51.6 billion a year ago, an increase of 2% on a reported basis and an increase of 3% on an FX-adjusted basis.

The biased language in these bills has no basis in medicine or reality. They’re written to divert attention away from the fact that they ban abortion and hurt women.

Becky is a Community Outreach Educator. She runs Teen Council, a peer-led sex education program, at Planned Parenthood in Seattle. Her dedication to social j...

For Parents: What YOU Need to Know about Vaccinating or Choosing Not to

More than 70% of people misusing opioids get them from family or friends. Following this advice can make diversion to nonmedical use much less likely.

Webinar series guides primary care clinics to create CDC-recognized lifestyle-change programs proven to effectively treat prediabetes.

Republican campaign strategist Roger Stone on the Bushes, Alex Jones, and how he’s never described himself as a ‘dirty trickster’

AMA member Dan Pfeifle advocates for patients, physicians, residents and medical students by working to create impactful, meaningful policy.

The health of your patients and your chain pharmacy depends on the success of your clinical programs. McKesson's Ian Fallon explains how your pharmacy can use technology to reach its goals.

The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women—described as the world’s “single largest gathering dedicated to women’s rights”—is meeting this week to draft its annual document, and the delegates from the U.S. are already royally fucking things up, continuing the Trump administration’s work of attacking reproductive rights around the world.

The Trump-Pence administration's dangerous gag rule is designed to cut patients off from care at Planned Parenthood -- so Planned Parenthood is taking the administration to court. Sign on to our people’s brief supporting patients and fighting to stop the gag rule.

Many states are suddenly considering heartbeat bills, which would make it virtually impossible to get an abortion. That’s no accident.

"It feels like there’s a little demon inside me that’s wringing my insides and trying to crawl out," Jenny Oh, a Manhattan-based retail worker, says of her endometriosis pain. She’s not the only one to put it this way. Camellia Hartman, a musician living in Brooklyn, who also suffers from endometriosis, echoes, "I live in this sort of fear that the demon that chases me is going to finally catch up to me."

Some colorectal screening tests mainly look for cancer, while others can find both polyps and cancer. Learn about the different types of screening tests here.