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Understanding what type of income to take, when to take it and how it's taxed can have a considerable impact on a physician's overall success. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

WE’VE ALL BEEN THERE BEFORE — sitting in the middle of a job interview or a first date and realizing that our breath is far from minty fresh. Even when everything else is going perfectly, bad breath can be enough to ruin your confidence and turn a good experience sour.

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★★★★★ I made an appointment with Dr Sadenini's office and was so pleased. I came at a time of high stress for me, and everyone was so thoughtful. Doctor S did beautiful job repairing a broken front tooth, I am quite pleased. Bethany helped me first, and she was marvelous. Thank you everyone!

A vaccine exists that can prevent cancer, so why wouldn’t you get it? Our doctors put rumors to rest about the HPV vaccine and explain why it’s so important.

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Most anesthesiologists who would choose to go into medicine again would also select the same specialty, according to Medscape's "Physician Compensation Report 2019."

★★★★★ Our whole Family sees Dr Edwards and his team. Dental and Orthodontics! Great “chair-side” manner, and very competent. The office staff is amazing 🙂

JACKSON, Mich., May 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- MiraMed Global Services, Inc. (MiraMed), a leader in healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) services and...

Savanah Harshbarger estimates she performed as many as 10 pelvic exams last year on patients before gynecologic surgeries, feeling for fibroid tumors or other abnormalities. The Duke...

After over a decade with few measles cases in the United States, the disease made a resurgence in recent years. Now the U.S. is reporting its most measles cases in 25 years, with many countries around the world experiencing the same spike in cases. What caused the recent increase in measles cases and outbreaks?

Employers are often told that employee wellness programs can save money on healthcare expenses. But, what are the initial costs of a wellness program? Like many things, it depends how much a company puts in, but the more-expensive benefits could end up saving the company larger amounts of money in the long term.

IS A SIMPLE SPOONFUL of ice cream enough to make you cringe because of the pain in your teeth? Do you have to be careful when you drink hot coffee that none of it touches your chompers? If you know the feeling, then you’re one of millions who experience tooth sensitivity. Let’s take a closer look at

New technology and healthcare innovations are revolutionising supply chains for pharmaceuticals. Here are five top examples.

This is "4 - Nahush Mokadam" by Ohio State on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Mary had been living independently for several years after her husband died. One Sunday morning, she leaned down in the dining room to pick up a leaf and los...

Anesthesiology is one of the highest-earning physician specialties, according to Medscape's 2019 anesthesiologist compensation report

While anticipating a foreign vacation, the possible wait for a new passport can be unbearable. If travelers are worried about getting the document on time, they do have a few options to check the status. Whether online, through email or on the phone, travelers can easily find the status of their passport application.

Between 15 and 20 percent of people have high sensitivity, although many businesses don't take extra steps to improve the workplace for this large group. Certain odors, loud noises are certain lighting in the office could affect this group, and ultimately hurt productivity at your company.

The release of Key for Garage is the company's latest effort to fight back against porch pirates and ensure deliveries end up in the right hands.

Are you an 80’s baby? Put your knowledge to the test with our totally awesome 80’s TV theme song challenge.

We sat down with the co-founder of the ubiquitous line of healthy grains to discuss how his products went from hippie staple to supermarket bestseller.

For this matching quiz all you need is a little faith, trust, and pixie dust! Put your Disney knowledge to the test by matching each quote to the movie it belongs to.

When planning for retirement, your predicted monthly budget becomes the central calculation factor. Tools like budget calculators and spreadsheets help approximate the amount of money you’ll need to live on each year. Knowing this can be a comfort to seniors who are worried their comfortable familiar lifestyles might be unsustainable in retirement. Unfortunately, all too often we tend to underestimate the true costs of living. While…

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For information about a local Paw Pals® program, please contact your local VITAS location.

Jacob Waring–Opinions & Features Editor One day, we are all going to die. Young college adults, if we are lucky, do not have to worry about that reality for many years. We are more than l…