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May is National Osteoporosis Month! We hope you will help us celebrate by taking the #JumpingJackChallenge. We issued this challenge to raise awareness about building bone strength and density when you’re younger to achieve peak bone mass and to maintain bone health and strength as you age. Accepting the Jumping Jack Challenge is easy –... Read more »

The child support system is outdated and in need of a significant overhaul. Here are four of the current system's most crucial flaws.

I leased my 2017 Acura RDX after a car accident and most likely going through PSD syndrome. I had specific conversation's and thought I new what I purchased. My color was not on the lot so another...

We used to live in Delaware, Ohio and had previously purchased a MDX from Columbus Acura in 2014.. We currently live in Nicholasville, KY and we drove back to Columbus Acura to purchase the MDX.

I have to say that I was very impressed with Chris D. In the service department. He made scheduling the needed service for my car very easy and clearly explained the process. He went above and beyond ...

Our eAlerts system notifies you of the latest industry information regarding regulatory changes, compliance reminders and other changes in anesthesia policies.

ST. LOUIS, May 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The dog (and cat) days of summer just got a lot cooler for local beer lovers...

www.OfficeEvolution.com/locations/Hoffman-Estates We recently caught up George Panopoulos, a long-term member at Office Evolution. He had some really...

Whether you’re an experienced cook or just getting your bearings in the kitchen, check out these Four Memorial Day Recipes from Anne London, MS RD Registered Dietitian/ Nutritionist and Owner…

More than 20 life-sized, animatronic dinosaurs will be featured in an exhibit open to guests on May 19.

Let’s face it: Parenting isn’t easy! With that in mind, here is a list of a few easy tips and tricks that will save you some time and make the day run a little smoother. You will spend less energy cleaning and organizing, so you can spend more quality time

Catch up on the latest Macola ES and Progression news! by Algorithm

Academic discovers contributions to the translation by Isaac Casaubon, who helped with knotty translation questions despite speaking little English

It’s the moment of truth. You are getting ready to go back to work. Maybe your maternity/paternity leave has come to an end or you took time off from your

The Tolstoy Library (Die Tolstoi-Bibliothek) in Munich, the largest Russian-language non-governmental library in Western Europe, has selected OCLC WorldShare Management Services as its new library services platform.

Basic guidelines for keeping your trees healthy
Many deciduous trees are sold bare-root during the dormant season from late fall through early spring. Deciduous trees as well as conifers and broad-leafed evergreens may also be sold balled-and-burlapped from early fall into the following spring, or in containers throughout the year
All trees ― even the drought-tolerant kinds ― need regular water during the first…

Chase has announced that small and mid-sized retailers who sell on the eCommerce platform BigCommerce will soon be able to accept Chase Pay on their online stores. In addition, BigCommerce will enable immediate merchant onboarding with WePay, a Chase company. The additions, expected to happen this summer, will enable faster checkout for 61 million Chase […]

Lisa Powers, RN from Vitas Healthcare talks about how she was inspired at 15 years old to become a hospice nurse when a close family friend got very sick and need hospice care. When she saw how comfortable the nurses were trying to make her family friend,

Tension Corporation Director of Research and Development inducted into FTA 2018 Hall of Fame.

By Dr. Kyle Pruett • March 30th, 2010
Excerpt from Me, Myself and I
At first, it probably appears to the child that it is the toilet that’s being trained (hence the misnomer “toilet training”). After all, she is typically reasonably satisfied to fill her diaper and continue on about her business. It is parents who are so enthusiastic for her to move on to the pot in support of public health
The transition need not be Armageddon if parents remember that a…

You’re probably wasting money and don’t know it. Here are typical things that homeowners waste money on. Get money saving tips at HouseLogic.

The study of unsightly stains on old manuscripts may show the hands of early doctors and chemists at work.

COLLEYVILLE,Tex., May 11, 2018 – Learning Care Group is proud to honor Simone Palmer from its Tutor Time location in Colleyville, Texas as this year’s recipient of the company’s prestigious Teacher of the Year award. Palmer has been selected in

DUBLIN, Ohio (PRWEB) May 15, 2018
School of PE recently launched a new tutoring feature to assist its students in preparing for engineering licensure exams.
School of PE provides Fundame

“What’s the size of a standard #10 envelope?” Seemed like an innocent enough question when I started working in the envelope industry, but the sideways glance I got in return told me I asked a “there’s no such thing as a dumb question except for that one” question.

This week is National Women's Health Week, an event that challenges millions of women to take action to improve their overall health.

With Nestlé for Healthier Kids, Nestlé, Rutgers, and the YMCA are empowering New Jersey parents with a research-backed curriculum and a…