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New 3mm capsules are now part of the d:screet lavalier and d:fine headset microphone lines.

LUNCH + LEARN: SECURITY... WHY IT MATTERS Today’s printers and multi-function devices have the same vulnerabilities as other endpoints on the network. They c...

Many workers who kept their jobs or found new ones following the crisis now face delayed retirements.

Salma El-Wardany is a writer, poet, business owner and public speaker. She reflects on the barriers she's faced in the corporate world as an Egypitian-Irish Muslim woman.
Here, she discusses the need to use language than includes, rather than discriminates...

I love the Harvest Moon and this time of year. The energy with this Moon can be very powerful, yet grounding at the same time. The Harvest Moon puts the focus on the harvest in our lives, whether it is the literal harvest with crops from our gardens or the energy around you that you are harvesting, this is a really important time to know where you stand and how you are finishing out the year.

While originally these domains were minimally used, lately they have increased in importance as they begin to impact the new gTLD namespace, and the “real DNS”, in a number of different ways.

We look forward to seeing you at: Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Wellness Spa Call 305-728-0493 or Visit our website today @ 1048 Kan...

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Lucid dreams occur when you consciously realize you are dreaming, and find yourself capable of making deliberate choices within the dream and guiding your su...

“Roughly 90% of emails that are sent from websites are spam, and most of those come from sites running on …

Incredible to see these cute leatherback turtle hatchlings flip flopping over each other on Necker's Turtle Beach as they make their way down to the ocean for the first time
Sep 19, 2018 at 12:18am PDT
One of my favourite things about living in the BVI is being surrounded by such stunning scenery and nature. We are extremely fortunate to be able to witness such beautiful scenes as this. In the BVI the same turtles will return to the beach that they were…

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A recent decision from an appellate court in Tallahassee will likely create significant hurdles for condominium unit owners who wish to sue their association and its directors for wrongdoing that affects the entire membership.

The US and China have added new items to their existing punitive tariff lifts, set to take effect on September 24.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, 97 percent of online pharmacies are illegitimate and unsafe.

Three in five professional women in the UK return to lower-skilled or lower-paid jobs following their career breaks, according to research by PwC, experiencing an immediate earnings reduction of up to a third.
Here Digital Mums co-founder, Nikki Cochrane, explains how they help tackle the problem and offers up tips for any mothers looking to get back into employment.

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Vision Research invites students, teachers, professors, and lab directors to share their research project ideas and compete for the chance to win the use of one of Vision’s high-speed cameras.
Enter today and win the use of a Phantom high-speed camera to use for your research project!
There are three easy steps to enter the contest:

A total of 38 oil companies have submitted bids for exploration acreage offshore Norway in a so-called predefined areas (APA) licensing round.

Alliant and MidAmerican's recent filings reflected changes from recent state legislation enacted to cut back efficiency programs.

Images play the big role in making user interfaces clear and attractive. Check the brief review and practical examples showing how interface illustrations can enhance the usability of a web or mobile UI.

With Hurricane Florence still underway, the busier-than-usual 2018 hurricane season is officially upon us. If you were fortunate enough to be unaffected this time, you may be wondering what the fut…

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