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By Clive Young. By rescuing historic studios, developers aim to forge new communities in challenged neighborhoods.

The mission of each Regnum Christi school is to form the next generation of Christian Leaders who will transform society. RC Education is the organization that supports these schools by providing the leadership, support and services that enable RC schools to succeed. A Regnum Christi school is a Christ-centered educational community of excellence, focused on... Read More

Too hot to eat? Not interested in big meals in the summer? Just not getting enough fruits and vegetables? There are a million reasons to try this trio of smoothies, which can keep you cool and hydrated while providing a boost of nutrients. Tropical Green Smoothie: Say good morning to a mix of pineapple, banana, and spinach for a fresh start to your day. Salad Sipper: Bananas and blueberries sweeten up spinach, all blended with almond milk for a delightful drink. Refresh: Perfectly…

Companies are throwing dollars at digital-transformation projects, which IDC expects to surpass $1 trillion this year. And it’s only beginning.

By Clive Young. Motley Crue drummer/occasional producer Tommy Lee asks $4.65M for home and home studio space.

My experience has been that many live sound engineers are not familiar with the techniques (now seen as rather archaic) needed to produce an authentic vintage jazz sound. In the following series of articles, I will share with you some of the techniques that I use with my own bands to produce a vintage sound. I’ll also share some thoughts on the history and aesthetics of our music, so that you’ll be better equipped to assist less experienced bands who don’t yet have…

The best way to win people over is much simpler than we thought -- and you can learn how.

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A review of BDP Ireland's service offerings, highlights of local culture, and business differentiators.

In this week’s tip, we talk to an HOA that’s in the newspaper business. (You read that right.) Theresa Balk, the general manager at the 1,800-home Candlewick Lake HOA in Poplar Grove, Ill., is in the newspaper business at a time when traditional newspapers are struggling to stay afloat.

Chicago, IL (April 2, 2018)—Tripp Lite, a world-leading manufacturer of power protection and connectivity solutions, has introduced a series of true on-line Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems to meet the unique purchasing requirements for U.S. Federal Government offices
All UPS systems in the series are compliant with the Trade Agreements Act (TAA) for GSA Schedule purchases. The TAA is intended to foster fair and open international…

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What happens if my apartment is damaged by water from a neighbor's apartment? Who's responsible for covering the repairs?
If you're facing a water damage issue in your apartment, who ends up paying will depend on where the water is coming from, and in some cases, who caused the leak, says Steven Wagner, a co-op and condo attorney with Wagner Berkow LLP and a longtime board member of his own 420-unit Manhattan co-op. It will also depend…

The Solution Enables Brands to Access the Information They Require to Combat Fraudulent or Counterfeit Activity Following the enforcement of

Description Dimensions 25.50"Length (L) X 17.00"Width (W) X 26.00"Height (H) Weight: 59.00 lbs Shipping Dimensions 27.00"L X 19.00"D X 28.00"H Weight: 66.00 ...

Texas is facing a burning question that's pitting the state's economy against its environment, and oil drillers against each other.

NerdWallet’s Michael Chanover on the dos, don’ts, and don’t evers of designing for trust.

Add Value with eCommerce
Integrating with eCommerce is becoming more and more important for logistics providers. Offering logistics services for eCommerce companies and others receiving orders from online channels can open new lines of business for forwarders. Getting started in this new market requires having solid business processes and systems in place. Get an overview of the eCommerce landscape and tips on how to get started.
Eduardo Bencomo Senior Software Advisor, Magaya
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On Aug. 13 last year, the Ecuadorian navy intercepted a suspicious-looking vessel near the Galápagos Islands. Climbing aboard, authorities found freezers full of thousands of sharks, some of them endangered hammerheads. It was surely the “biggest seizure of sharks in the history of the Galápagos,” a marine ecologist who was involved in the operation said …

Google Chrome currently marks HTTPS-encrypted sites with a green lock icon and “Secure” sign. And starting in July, Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as "not secure.” Google hopes this move will nudge users away from the unencrypted web. Read on to learn more about the forthcoming changes.

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These required FDA data-points will then be discussed in the larger
context about how they tell a product's story and influence FDA's review, which could be the difference between import hold and release.
Prior Notice questions will not be covered and should be referred to the Prior Notice Center.

Better employee-employer relationships drive higher engagement, loyalty, and trust:

Technology continues to impact supply chain visibility, optimization and efficiency in unprecedented ways, entailing innovation in public policy and commercial practices to maximize potential benefits. These developments are impacting compliance with national and global customs and trade requirements in a profound manner
The conference will provide a unique opportunity for customs brokers, freight forwarders, importers, exporters and other parties involved in global trade, logistics and transportation…

We are very proud to have Vast Services as clients for so many Years ! Vastservices.net/ Vast Services is a Miami, Florida based company. The Presiden...