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One Conventional Oil Change
Three Vouchers: Each Good for One Conventional Oil Change
Not valid for cars which require semi and/or full synthetic oil. Please call ahead for pricing: (301) 364-4922
Motor-Oil Viscosity: A Slippery Subject
The oil viscosity your car needs is usually determined by your car’s manufacturer, but is there ever a reason to switch? We sought out the answer.
Whenever a vehicle is in motion, engine oil has a lot of work to do: reducing friction between moving…

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One Underarms Wax
One Full-Legs Wax
One Half-Legs Wax
Body Hair: Getting to the Root
Body hair can be unsightly, but it’s all part of a natural process. Read on for a basic overview of this stubborn foe.
Follicle: the part of the skin that anchors an individual shaft of hair. Each follicle consists of a sebaceous gland, which secretes oil (sebum) to condition the hair and skin, and a few nerve endings at the base that allow hair to…

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Conventional Oil Change, Tire Rotation and Digital Inspection
Full Synthetic Oil Change, Tire Rotation and Digital Inspection
One Maryland State Inspection