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“The best way to prevent colon cancer is to have a screening colonoscopy,” says McLeod Gastroenterologist Dr. Timothy Spurling. “If we find and remove polyps, we prevented them from turning into colon cancer.

Many women wonder if it’s possible to have more than one surgery for stress incontinence and why there was a problem with the larger mesh that was initially used for incontinence and pelvic prolapse surgeries.

The scaphoid bone is one of eight small bones that make up the carpal bones of the wrist,” says McLeod Orthopedic Specialist Christopher Litts, MD. “It’s on the thumb side of the wrist and helps with motions and stability in the wrist joint.

Tell us your story! What has challenged you? Inspired you? Motivated you to step outside your comfort zone and live fearless? Share your story with us. You may inspire others!

Often the down payment is the biggest obstacle for younger would-be home buyers. Here are ways to get a solid financial footing.

Colon cancer is the third most common cancer in men, after prostate and lung cancer and second most common in women, after breast cancer.

Just because Gracie Roland of Gilbert Middle School lost her hair didn't mean she'd lose her confidence. Hear her Fearless story and learn why bald is beautiful.

GIPHY will be screening micro-films in New York City later this year at their first ever GIPHY Film Fest. In order to enter, creators will have to create a film that's 18 seconds or less.

Preeclampsia is a serious health condition for pregnant women and if untreated can cause severe health problems for both Mom and baby. And although bedrest a...

To prevent heart disease avoid or limit processed foods, fats, sugar and sodium in your daily diet. McLeod Cardiologist Anne Everman, MD, offers tips on the good, bad and avoidable when it comes to your food choices.

Pregnant women face many questions. At an event for pregnant women, McLeod OB/GYN Candice Greenan, MD, helped answer a few questions related to concerns some women raised about certain foods – from sushi to ice.

Is the common advice not to buy a property you don’t plan to hold for at least five years actually good advice?

The 2018 Healthy Learners Champions for Children Golf Tournament in Memory of George Younginer takes place on Wednesday, October 24, 2018 at the Fort Jackson...

Thanks to continuing research, smokers or former smokers who are at high risk for lung cancer now have a screening test that can help spot cancer earlier, increasing survival.

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Leukemia – like all cancers – results from the wrong kind of cells growing in the body. Unlike normal cells, these cancer cells don’t die, they continue to divide and eventually crowd out the healthy cells.

The companies’ strategies to help institutional investors buy homes for rentals were exacerbating inventory shortages and affordability concerns, NAR says.

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FLORENCE, S.C. – Registered nurse Jeremy Odom was named the August DAISY Award Recipient for McLeod Regional Medical Center.

NASCAR's Scott Miller tells SiriusXM NASCAR Radio that series officials are looking at regulating when teams can use a windshield wiper blade at road course events.