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Patients with Painful Bladder Syndrome -- also called Interstitial Cystitis (IC) -- often suffer 5-7 years before receiving an accurate diagnosis.

The Housing Trends Report (HTR) is a new research product created by NAHB’s Economics team to track prospective home buyers’ perceptions about the availability and affordability of homes for-sale i…

When a patient is faced with a cancer diagnosis, they look to the physician delivering this news for answers about their cancer treatment. These answers are often based on the information the surgeon or oncologist receives from the team working behind the scenes -- those who determine the precise type and stage of the cancer – the pathologists.

The gallbladder, despite its small size is a significant, though not essential, organ in your body. Just what does it do and why?

According to a Blue Cross Blue Shield Health of America report, major depression or major depressive disorder, a form of mental illness, affects more than 9 million Americans. This infographic shows trends among gender and age, impact on overall health, depression symptoms and more.

Fearless is Empowering Victims to Become Survivors
For Bess Crawford-Dawson, empowering victims of sexual assault so they can move forward as survivors is the way she lives fearless.

Exercise. Fun. Energy-efficient transportation. Bicycles and cycling have expanded from a mostly childhood activity to one where adults are as common on bikes as youngsters.

Who’s taking care of you? For many women, nurturing others is second nature. This marvelous trait has probably done more for the survival and advancement of humanity than any other human characteristic. However, constantly putting others’ needs ahead of your own can have serious, even deadly, consequences. And you can’t take care of anyone else if you’re out of the picture
Stay in the Picture
As a woman, you need to nurture yourself, too. That’s not being selfish — it’s being prudent. You…

Most conversations and articles around the topic of Pelvic Health focus on women starting at age 35. Pelvic Health information for and about young women and teens are equally important.

Clint Bowyer is one of three Stewart-Haas Racing drivers in top six in points after 11 races.

NASCAR champions Matt Crafton and Christopher Bell along with rookie driver Myatt Snider expreience 11,000hp launch between Richie Crampton's Top Fuel Dragst...

We always hear that visuals are a key component in our social media marketing strategy, but why?
The real reason

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Knee Joint replacements represent one of the most common and successful surgical procedures available today.

One pan = less cleanup. To make this sheet-pan dinner work, the potatoes are roasted for 15 minutes before the asparagus and skirt steak are added. Finished with rosemary and blue cheese, it's our easy--and healthy--take on steak frites.

One in five adults suffers from some form of sleep apnea, a condition in which an individual repeatedly stops breathing throughout the night. In a report by Harvard Medical School, researchers estimate that untreated sleep apnea may raise the risk of dying from heart disease by up to five times.