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Surgical procedures can dramatically reduce your chances of suffering a stroke. McLeod Vascular Surgeon Joshua Sibille, MD, explains how he diagnoses pre-stroke conditions and the vascular procedures used to avoid an approaching stroke.

Looking for milk chocolate recipes? Allrecipes has more than 190 trusted milk chocolate recipes complete with ratings, reviews and baking tips.

LendingTree analyzed anonymized loan request and average loan balance data from LendingTree users to see how a lower credit score can increase borrowing costs for the average American with a fair credit score versus excellent score.

Head and neck cancers are some of the most frequent cancers we treat in this region. Learn the symptoms and how new developments in Radiation Therapy technology improve patient quality of life.

The birth of your child brings many wonderful, fulfilling emotional and physical feelings. On the other hand, pregnancy and the aftermath of the birthing process can leave many women with an incontinence problem.

A bad knee adds pain and takes the fun out of recreational activities, such as golf. A total knee joint replacement can remove the pain and return you to the golf course. Here are some tips to help you return to your foursome, even if you’re not a pro.

George Foard and his daughter, Evelyn, Live Fearless by singing Take Me out to the Ballgame at a recent Columbia Fireflies game.

We're not pointing any fingers, but it's quite possible you may or may not be looking for some serious junk food today. But whether you're observing a special occasion or just in the mood for some guilty pleasure foods, making them at home opens up a whole new world of options. We've got 21 over-the-top options to get you started.

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Multiple myeloma is the second most common form of blood cancer. It occurs when plasma cells in a person’s bone marrow react abnormally. It can even result in DNA changes in your bone marrow. Yet, it can be treated, says McLeod Oncologist James Smith, MD.

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Know where to go
When you or a loved one is sick or injured, you want care as quickly as possible. Your first instinct may be to go to the emergency room, but if it isn’t a true emergency, there is a better option. You can save time and money by going to an urgent care facility instead of the emergency room. Emergency room visits can cost thousands of dollars, but, depending on your insurance, you can go to an urgent care facility…

Let’s start this story backward. One of the ways to keep your knee and hip joints strong as an adult is with weight-bearing exercises. The best way to build up those bones for your knees and hips as an adult is to start when you are a teen.

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BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina's Retail Centers provide consumers, shoppers, and buyers with healthcare products and knowledge that fulfill their wants and needs at the right place and the right time.

Joe Rogers, Sr., Co-Founder of Waffle House Inc
Our mission is to deliver a unique experience to our customers through delivering great food, friendly, attentive service, excellent price and a welcoming presence
When Joe Rogers, Sr. bought a house from Tom Forkner in Avondale Estates, GA., in 1949, neither one knew where that relationship would take them.
It's the mid 1950's. Joe…

Thanks to newer surgical approaches and developments in non-surgical treatments, women diagnosed with breast cancer have numerous options. McLeod Surgeon Dr. Amanda Turbeville offers her view of the many options.

World War II taught the world many lessons. One of those discoveries was the importance of special training needed for successful surgery on hands, sparked by the many hand wounds suffered by soldiers.

BlueChoice HealthPlan Medicaid works with the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services to offer Medicaid-eligible beneficiaries their traditional health services in addition to the value-added benefits of being a member of our program.

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The health benefits of ginger are impressive. Versatile, easy to use and 12 major health benefits with everything from fighting cancer to better brain function. Learn how to use.

Today’s cancer patient has a team of experts with a broad range of treatments available to them. McLeod Cancer Specialist Donny Huynh, MD, explains the many options.