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Supported by $8 million grant for 100 jobs
Expands on Waymo's current efforts in Novi
Much of Waymo's fleet consists of modified Chrysler Pacifica hybrids
Waymo, the autonomous vehicle sister company of Google, plans to invest up to $13.6 million and hire 100 in Michigan to expand its operations that work with automakers to integrate its self-driving technology
The company, which now operates a 53,000-square-foot…

Greetings, Friends! On this blustery Sunday, my thoughts have been centered on keeping my dorm warm and dry for the guys living here. Our furnace went out Friday night and was finally providing hea…

Webdesign guidelines change over time. Some things are popular one year, then it will be bad for your site the next. Here are some things to consider for 2019. It doesn't matter if you are starting a new site or maintaining and older site
Mobile devices continue to increase in usage. Your site must be mobile friendly. Homestead Websitebuilder does this for you. When designing a site keep a watch on the mobile site editor and preview, so you know how it will…

To express interest in volunteering, complete an interest survey using this link: bit.ly/DPSCDLetsRead or contact Mrs. Evelyn Mann at evelyn.mann@detroitk12.org or 313-873-7884
Step 2
You will be contacted by a member of the K-12 Literacy Department to complete volunteer background check form to submit with a readable copy of your Michigan State Driver’s License or State ID
Step 3
The background check will be reviewed to…

Texas is a super-user of federal housing programs, but the shutdown has brought loans, tax credits and rental assistance to a screeching halt, hurting poor Texans the most.

Greetings, Friends! Waking up to snowy roads on Sunday morning, I was disappointed. Sure it was beautiful outside but the roads were a mess here in Hillsdale and I really wanted to make it safely t…

$750,000 project has involved months of preparation
Buffalo, N.Y.-based International Chimney Corp. leading high-profile move
Kurt Nagl/Crain's Detroit Business
In preparation for moving the Mackenzie House to a new corner, crews are boarding up the historic home and have cleared the former Wayne State University parking lot, on which the house will be transported
Moving the historic Mackenzie House on Wayne State University's campus is going…

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Already they fought long and hard to get the community air monitoring station set up at the New Mount Hermon Baptist Church. Now they're leading efforts to develop their own emergency evacuation plan that they'll submit to the state for funding, according to Landrum. And they're also evaluating their cumulative exposure, using data from the EPA's TRI database.Working with Mohai, community activist Delores Leonard and Rhonda…

Maybe you are like Nisha and have a heart for the needs of others. If so, learn more about how this caring friend is making a difference in a great many lives—and in the future of Detroit—by serving as a …

When the partial federal government shutdown began in December, Jennifer Hoffman, the wife of a Coast Guard senior official stationed in Memphis, knew her family would get one paycheck, but that was it, as Coast Guard employees work without pay for the foreseeable future.

Dogs are incredibly smart creatures, despite what journal Learning and Behavior says. They're so smart that they can learn commands from Harry Potter spells.

Continental, a technology company and automotive supplier with its North American headquarters in Auburn Hills, Monday showed how a driverless vehicle could be used to stage and deploy delivery robots that would take packages to consumers who may not be able to physically receive them.

At the beginning of November, the USOC announced that it was taking the first step towards decertifying USA Gymnastics. This was a direct if belated response to the national governing body having spent two years repeatedly failing in virtually every facet related to the Larry Nassar sex abuse scandal. The former team doctor abused hundreds of young women, including some of the most recognizable names in…

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First three episodes of season will feature Meadow Brook Hall
More than 2,800 guests brought items be reviewed by specialists from leading auction houses, independent dealers
Luke Crafton for WGBH
Appraiser Gary Piattoni (left) evaluates a trunk owned by Eric and believed to have belonged to a member of The Temptations during the "Antiques Roadshow" stop in June at Meadow Brook Hall in Rochester
"Antiques Roadshow"…

This time of year is particularly dangerous for those in your community who are living on the streets. Your gift is needed now to ensure that those who are homeless, hungry, and hurting have a place to turn this winter. Provide hot meals and hope today and know that your gift will save and change lives!

Watch Detroit Public TV's DEC - 2019 Michigan Economic Outlook on Livestream.com. Michigan’s economic recovery continues with workforce growth and job creation fueling low unemployment rates. Some worry about the impacts of rising interest rates, softening consumer demand for autos, a talent gap and the risk of additional tariffs. How can the new administration in Lansing continue to help Michigan and Detroit’s economic boom? Our experts…

The mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination.

You can easily create "anchor links" in Website Builder by using Element Behaviors
Click on the element you want to have trigger the anchor link (Button or text, usually). Then click More > Advanced > Settings
Click "Add Behavior"
Click "Scroll To Element"
Select "Other Element" and click OK
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From Intern to VP: How One Woman Turned a Passion Into a Career
NBMBAA® member Gina Waters Miller didn’t choose to pursue music; music was ingrained in her from the beginning. Her early memories of music include her mother and grandmothers playing piano and Sundays singing in the church choir. Gina was born into a family of classically trained and church musicians, and she is a…

Philadelphia's 1st ALL Gospel Music Station! Serving THIS community for 40 years! Listen to WNAP @ 1110-AM (Philly Area) and online 24x7.

The mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination.

A dog without a nose and some dental issues has captured the hearts of America. And his name is Sniffles.

Labor leaders from all across the country met in Baltimore recently for the AFL-CIO Leadership Intensive. The Intensives aim is to expand skills, knowledge, and leadership in order to overcome key challenges. Some topics included aligning the Labor Movement with the struggle for the common good, strategic political action and community mobilization, and utilizing leadership styles. The intensive provided a forum to network and share experiences…

From downtown to the zoo, here are some of the best light displays in metro Detroit for the holidays.

A December job search is proven to be one of the most productive of the year! Companies are eager to bring on new employees in January and are actively searching for candidates! Here are tips to make the most of your job search in December.

Dear Detroit
We launched The DROP in 2010 to draw attention to the city’s indestructible spirit and grit, and to-date have been tremendously successful. From our inaugural year we have grown our revelers looking to celebrate the coming new year in Detroit at The DROP – from an unexpected crowd of 3,000 at our inaugural event in 2010 to crowds exceeding 30,000 people. We have certainly caught national attention and media acclaim and we thank ALL OF YOU that have attended year after…

Rebuilding Detroit, One Life at a Time|Providing hope to the hopeless, abused, disadvantaged and homeless men, women, and children of our community|Holiday Hope for the Hungry

Bosch, which is based in Germany and has its North American headquarters in Farmington Hills, has announced it is designing shuttle mobility services as cities’ mobility ecosystems update.