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“Everyone else” consists of the Clippers, Rams, Chargers, Ducks, and Angels. Pro franchises all, but second-class citizens in LA. Hell, the Ducks and Angels don’t even play in LA. They play in Anaheim. Ask anyone in Los Angeles, they’ll tell you emphatically that “Anaheim isn’t LA.”
The Angels can call themselves the Los Angeles Angels, but it doesn’t make them an LA team. The difference between the Dodgers and the Angels is the same as the difference between John Belushi and Jim Belushi…

The 2019 National Football League Draft will take place on April 25, 2019. The order has been set, based on the final standings of the 2018 NFL season. Here’s the …

What is the greatest catcher/pitcher combination in baseball history? The best duo to ever form a battery
How do we answer that question? Where do we start?
First we must define what we mean by a great battery. The battery should be as balanced as possible. We don’t want a great pitcher with a merely good catcher. We don’t want the greatest catchers paired with a “pretty decent” pitcher.
We also want a duo that played together for a good amount of time.…

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A one-year black card Planet Fitness membership at the new ORCHARD MALL West Bloomfield - A one-year black card Planet Fitness membership at the new ORCHARD MALL West Bloomfield, along with a Planet Fitness gym bag, T-shirt water bottle and other fun PF swag! The new location is expected to open January 2019, just in time for New Year's resolutions! The club is selling pre-sale NOW inside the mall and is also still looking to hire a fitness trainer to join their staff!