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Every local community has a story, a history, and a unique personality that cannot be replicated. This is often thanks to specialized, small-scale businesses, like this one, which contribute to a neighborhood’s distinctive character and promote a thriving ecosystem in their community. Small, independent businesses offer diverse products and services, fostering economic resilience by removing the local economy’s dependence on a single industry. When you buy…

Choice of:
One 60-Minute Reflexology Treatment
Three 60-Minute Reflexology Treatments

The Rev. Dimitrie Vincent from St. Thomas Orothodox church in Farmington Hills took time out from rehab to visit with players staging a fundraiser

Every year, millions of people are discouraged by their inability to lose weight with diet, exercise, and willpower alone. The truth is that obesity is a disease, and more than one-third of Americans suffer from it. If you struggle with obesity, you’re not alone—and there is hope.

One solution: Set up a life insurance policy from which you can sidestep the banks and loan yourself money, in a crunch.

Giving up gluten or cutting down on salt or sugar for your health doesn't mean you can't have a joyful holiday meal. Tips on managing dietary restrictions.

Find fun things to do on New Year's Eve in Chicago! View everything from the fireworks cruise, New Year's Eve parties, New Year's Eve dinner ideas & more!

Easy Strawberry Jello Pudding Pops recipe. Requires just a few simple ingredients including fresh strawberries. These pudding pops are made in paper cups and so easy to make that kids can help. The hardest part is waiting for them to freeze.

The ultimate Chanukah (Hanukkah) website featuring how-to, insights, stories, history, multimedia audio and video, games, global event directory and more.

Prepare a delicious Christmas dinner menu with inspiration from our 20-plus holiday food pairings. Each traditional Christmas dinner features a main course -- including ham, turkey, and beef tenderloin -- paired with two or three side dishes to jump-start your holiday menu planning. No matter which you choose, guests are sure to love one of these delectable Christmas dinner menus.

4. Get a home inspection. When you buy a house, even new construction, always hire your own inspector to do a thorough home inspection, which typically costs $300 to $500, Paolini says.

The tax bills passed by the House and the now the Senate include slightly more generous benefits for parents. Unless, their children are undocumented immigrants.

Whatever your viewpoint on winter, one thing remains the same for all of us with pets: it’s a time when our beloved babies need a little extra care. Luckily, PetMD has compiled a list of tips to protect your pet from the dangers of winter.

Snapchat's new filters, which recognize objects and create custom filters to match, could bring about the next generation of social media advertising.

Lt. Gov. Brian Calley surprised no one when he announced Tuesday he would seek the Republican nomination
Lt. Gov. Brian Calley
Lt. Gov. Brian Calley surprised no one when he announced Tuesday he would seek the Republican nomination for governor and try to become the first Number Two in Michigan’s executive office in a half-century to ascend to Number One
Calley made clear in his long-anticipated…

The state of Michigan has reached an interim deal with Enbridge Energy meant to improve the safety of the oil and gas company’s Line 5 pipeline, which runs under the Straits of Mackinac and the Saint Clair River
Under the deal, Enbridge will replace a section of a controversial pipeline that runs beneath the Saint Clair River with a tunnel. It will also examine similar treatment for a section of Line 5 that runs beneath the Straits of Mackinac. The deal also calls…

Welcome to OUR Credit Union's Online Application Area. Here you'll find links to all the applications and forms available on our site.

If you enjoy the sweet taste of a juicy piece of fruit , you could be lowering your risk for stroke. Apparently, some types of fruit are linked with a lower stroke risk. Remember the old saying about an apple a day? Here is more confirmation that it’s true along with news you’ll enjoy if you’re a fruit lover
Stroke Risk and Fruit Eating Habits
A study published in the journal Stroke showed a link between fruit consumption and the risk of stroke.…

Detroit’s municipal building, which bears Coleman Young’s name
Twenty years ago this week, former Detroit Mayor Coleman Young died in Detroit at age 79
Young was born in 1918, served in the Army Air Force during World War II as a Tuskegee Airman.
He became a voice for civil rights and black activism in the political realm over the next several decades.
He eventually became the city of Detroit’s first black mayor.
Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson talks with two people who were…

Online shoppers spent $5 billion on Black Friday -- 17% more than last year.

With Working America Health Care, you get discounts on dental and vision services, as well as a personal health advocate to help you navigate the system.

Closure is one of the most sought after practices once the final curtain is upon us or the situation. We all need to “call it” for ourselves, so we can stop thinking we can resurrect the situation. For me, it’s about self-preservation, moving on and letting the past be where it belongs, in my past.

Having her do chores doesn't just make your life a little easier, it also makes her future a lot brighter! Here's why.

www.hoonigan.com Chris Forsberg takes his 1,000hp Nissan 370z Black Friday shopping early at the abandoned Hawthorne Mall in Los Angeles, California o...

We are the largest physician practice management software company specializing exclusively in the practice of anesthesia and pain management.

2017 has been a great year. I did my first Reddit AMA, then did two more. I had my first art gallery opening in NYC and followed it up with a Pop-Up show in LA. I’ve been touring the USA with Cinema Twain, and look forward to seeing all of you at the Comic Cons …