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When I can’t find the words or imagery to express how I feel, I turn to film stills. I have hundreds of them saved or screen-captured into a folder on my phone, and over the last year, I’ve watched…

A customized system through the Experience Engine platform will let hospitals keep track of patients and allow them to choose care preferences and pay bills.

Check out the top Irish pubs in Phoenix, Arizona where you can leave your apartment and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day among other city dwellers —Guinness in hand!

We all feel it—our technology feels like a century ahead of us, while our behaviors are reflective of decades before us. The systemic issues in the lack of inclusiveness in design, tech, and hiring…

VIP is hiring, and we’ve recently expanded the roles we’re looking for! There are a few questions that often come up when we talk to folks about working with VIP. I’ll try to go o…

Regular exercise is one of the best things you can do for your health. But if you're not careful, you can sideline your efforts with an injury, burnout and more. How to avoid common workout mistakes.

Help us celebrate Henry Ford Health System doctors by sending a free, personalized thank you note to the physician of your choice
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There is…

Feel like you’re frequently ill? You may have a compromised immune system
Why does it seem that some people go from one cold to the next, getting all the bugs that “go around” and others don’t? In 1895, it was this very question that prompted D. D. Palmer to pursue what we call chiropractic!
Today, many of us are fearful of germs. Since about the time the microscope was invented, there has been an undue focus on them—but germs are a lot like…

Bright lights, and busy streets are not all that makes New York a great place. The Endless events and entertainment options make The Big Apple shine bright!

The Deal $45 for two months of unlimited Bikram yoga classes ($290 value) A heated studio melts away stress, stiffness, and toxins as students practice 26 classical hatha poses. See the schedule.

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Excited to find your next apartment, but not so excited about that one question? Here’s how you can rent an apartment without a Social Security number.

When it comes to finding viable solutions for how and where to store overflow belongings or additional inventory for your business, commercial storage solutions are the way to go. Though commercial storage offers several notable benefits, it’s not without risks and dangers. In fact, one of the biggest workplace safety risks involves injuries relating to …

Do you want to know some moving hacks that save time, space and even money? Many people wonder how to pack for a move. It can feel daunting when you look around at all of the items you’ve accumulated over the years. Before you start, you will want to take inventory of the items you’ll …

GROSSE POINTE WOODS — The crowd that gathered inside Grosse Pointe North High School’s student-run school store the morning of Feb. 8 was on a mission.

Choice of: Five Drop-In Yoga Classes Ten Drop-In Yoga Classes New students should arrive 10 minutes early and wear comfortable clothes that don’t inhibit movement. A yoga mat, towel, and water bottle are also recommended; students can rent mats from the studio for $2 each. Click to view the schedule.

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Choice of: One Cut and Style One Process Color with Cut and Style

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Our dexterous hands are what separate us from the animals, specifically by locking our front doors. Domesticate your digits with this voucher. $15 for a Shellac Manicure ($30 Value) During the Shellac manicure, manicurists shape nails and cuticles and then decorate them with Shellac polish that resists chipping and can help maintain fabulous fingers longer than a regular manicure.

Choice of: One Month of Unlimited Tanning in Level 3 Bed One Month of Unlimited Tanning in Level 4 Bed One Month of Unlimited Tanning in Level 5 Bed

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Did you know? Sugar often sneaks its way into your diet through drinks like juice or sodas
Sugar, in its many forms, is an increasingly common ingredient in processed foods. In fact, many of us eat the equivalent of 53 heaping teaspoons of white sugar every day! Many experts now agree that reducing sugar intake is an essential ingredient for natural health.
And in case you needed more convincing, here are five reasons to avoid refined (white) sugar.
Sugar causes the body to…