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Seen by over half a million people worldwide, "Mystic India: The World Tour" is an internationally acclaimed Bollywood dance spectacular based on the concept of ancient India's transition into modern India. The show features renowned musicians, brilliant dancers, breathtaking aerialists and acrobats, and 750 opulent costumes. Known as one of the most authentic shows of its kind, "Mystic India"'s impeccably trained dancers combine authentic Indian and…

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Are you looking for a fun way to celebrate Valentine's Day with your significant other, friends or family? Try out one of these events in Michigan!

U-Haul cushion foam is used to protect any fragile items such as dishware, glasses, stemware, collectibles, valuables, home décor, and more while moving.

Moving with a cargo van is a great option for your move that many people may overlook. A cargo van can be the perfect solution to many moving day issues.

December 14, 2017 - Rising fuel prices causing a burn on your budget? Give these gas-saving
habits a try.

Giving up gluten or cutting down on salt or sugar for your health doesn't mean you can't have a joyful holiday meal. Tips on managing dietary restrictions.

#1 Hip-Hop morning show with nationally renowned comedian Rickey Smiley. Southern appeal, raw humor and personal authenticity. REAL. FUNNY. RADIO.

Prepare a delicious Christmas dinner menu with inspiration from our 20-plus holiday food pairings. Each traditional Christmas dinner features a main course -- including ham, turkey, and beef tenderloin -- paired with two or three side dishes to jump-start your holiday menu planning. No matter which you choose, guests are sure to love one of these delectable Christmas dinner menus.

Become a Volunteer and Have The Experience of a Lifetime Each year, dedicated volunteers work with the Center to help fulfill its mission to support children

Jose Luis Navarro, a principal and former California Teacher of the Year, shares his struggles and successes working with disadvantaged students in Los Angeles.

International Wholesale is a wholesale supplier and distributor of wholesale dollar food products, general merchandise, and household goods. We help lower your price point and maximize your profit margin!

Thinking about supporting a cause this season? Research shows charitable giving is a good choice for both businesses and local communities.

Managing time and using it effectively can be a challenge in itself, however when you are a freelance worker, it can prove to be even more difficult as you may have to deal with heavy work load. This guide will give you tips on how to manage your time effectively, to ensure that you are able to work efficiently
Plan – it is important to take time out of your morning to plan your day. This will get you mentally prepared and focused…

E-commerce websites are a huge money maker. With the WooCommerce integration to Client Reports in Pro Sites you can manage them all from one dashboard.

Looking for a unique way to promote your business? Mobile advertising is a new trend that lets your company get noticed on the road.

Learn how Easterseals Chicago serves individuals with disabilities throughout the Chicagoland area, with a range of non-profit support from Huntington.

Few things are better than indulging in Thanksgiving leftovers. Here are six ideas for how to re-purpose them into all new healthy meals.

The number of people signing up for ObamaCare has surged in the first few weeks of open enrollment this year, contrary to dire predictions.

You could follow the aroma, or just find us online. With over 1,600 Auntie Anne's locations worldwide, there's sure to be a fresh baked pretzel nearby!

MSIA - Michigan Snowsports Industries Association - Ski Michigan! Ski and snowboard programs include Cold is Cool, Discover Michigan Skiing, Lids on Kids and Safety on the Ski Slopes.

Most entrepreneurs learn quickly that you need to stay positive in business, or you will give up. Positive thinking helps, but so do the words you choose in your daily interactions.

Camping can be rough when you've never done it before! Watch out for these five camping mistakes, and learn how you can avoid them!

As the weather starts to cool off for Fall and Winter, it's time to think about how you're going to prepare for cold weather camping. Check out these tips:

Helpful advice for finding and buying a used car. Learn how to buy a used car, negotiate prices, avoid scams and get the most for your money.

As financial literacy expands beyond balancing a checkbook to include entrepreneurship and investing, schools must begin to define and teach this critical life skill.

Full details of BP's quarter results, webcast information and a results material archive

It’s always an acute scenario when a patient presents with acute myeloid leukemia (AML), and it’s important for payers to keep that in mind, says Bruno Medeiros, MD, associate professor

You might begin to see teal pumpkins popping up among the sea of orange this Halloween, and there's good reason for the new tradition.
Each blue pumpkin

Campus Kitchens is a national organization that pairs restaurants and merchants with volunteers to turn wasted food into meals for the hungry. The Campus Kitchen at Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist Church in Washington, DC is the only Campus Kitchen in the country that has a chef and cooks all the meals from scratch using fresh ingredients. This story was published by United Methodist Communications.

Coming up with fresh real estate blog ideas can be a chore. Here we offer dozens of great suggestions on what to write about.

Parks/Campgrounds Keep yourself healthy, mentally and physically, in our integrated park system.The area parks offer quality facilities and diverse recreation opportunities like; sports, physical activities, exposure to natural surroundings and arts & culture, just to name a few! The intertwining trails and paths are for the enjoyment and well-being of all area residents and visitors. …