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At dusk Dec. 6, buglers around the country honored the life of former U.S. President George H. W. Bush by playing “Taps.”

Bill 47, also called the "Making Ontario Open for Business Act," was passed and given royal assent on November 21, 2018. This new act relaxes demands...

(W) Ryo Takamisaki (A/CA) Ryo Takamisaki
When Ash Ketchum oversleeps on his tenth birthday, he ends up with a stubborn Pikachu instead of the first partner Poke?mon he wanted! But after a rocky start, Ash and Pikachu become close friends and true partners-and when they catch a rare glimpse of the Legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh in flight, they make plans to seek it out together
Trainers Verity and Sorrel join Ash on his journey, and along the way, they meet the mysterious Mythical Poke?mon…

You may think growing a beard means you get to ditch the razor and forget about it, but growing maintaining a beard takes its own special regimen. A Henry Ford dermatologist explains how to prevent itchiness, beard-ruff (dandruff in your beard) and other beard-related skin issues.

This is "DPSCD Happy Holidays 2018" by DPS Community District on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Ice fishing is Pure Michigan. During the winter, our four Great Lakes, more than 11,000 inland lakes and hundreds of rivers and streams provide anglers with ...

Here's the Secret to Getting Young Workers Involved
Swept Up in France's Yellow Vest Protests
Saturday, December 8: Ann Arbor Secrets of a Successful Organizer Training
Monday, December 17: Labor Notes Q&A with Activists from Biggest Fights of 2018
Keep in Touch
by Barbara Madeloni
Chicago teachers are leading the way again. On Tuesday they launched the first charter school strike in U.S. history. The strike…

Motorists can resume using Cherry Hill after large-scale construction project wraps up Cherry Hill from Telegraph to Outer Drive will reopen Friday, Dec. 7 after crews concluded a large-scale const…

As community activists, tenant advocates and Queens lawmakers decried the billions of public subsidies given to Amazon to build a new headquarters in Long Island City, CUNY management effectively told company CEO and world’s richest person Jeff Bezos, “CUNY is at your service.”

Philadelphia's 1st ALL Gospel Music Station! Serving THIS community for 40 years! Listen to WNAP @ 1110-AM (Philly Area) and online 24x7.

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For the host with the most:
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A dilemma we all face from time to time: Should you toss anything past the "expiration" date, or does that waste what might be perfectly edible food? A Henry Ford registered dietitian explains what use-by or sell-by dates on food packages really mean and how to determine whether your food is fresh and safe to eat.

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin (Fox 32 News) - Bus riders in Milwaukee this weekend found that one seat on every bus was reserved in honor of Rosa Parks.

In this beginner's guide to massage therapy, a licensed Henry Ford massage therapist answers frequently asked questions about what happens during a massage and why it’s a worthwhile pursuit to reduce stress, improve healing and experience other health benefits.

Abstract, family-style board games are all the rage these days, and for good reason. They tend to occupy that sweetest of sweet spots—accessible to non-gamers while remaining strategic enough to keep veteran players engaged. Their simple rulesets are packaged with quality components, bright colors, and light themes. In short, they're games that just about anyone can enjoy
During the game, players serve as the reef itself…

The Dearborn Police will be conducting training operations in the area of 6944 Theisen today from 8am-Noon. There is no need for concern.   

Big Lonely Doug weaves the ecology of old-growth forests, the legend of the West Coast’s big trees, the turbulence of the logging industry,

(W) Neil Gaiman (A) Chris Riddell
A stunning and timely creative call-to-arms combining four extraordinary written pieces by Neil Gaiman illustrated with the striking four-color artwork of Chris Riddell. Drawn from Gaiman's trove of published speeches, poems, and creative manifestos, Art Mattersis an embodiment of this remarkable multi-media artist's vision-an exploration of how reading, imagining, and creating can transform the world and our lives
Art Matters…

Labor Notes Turns 40! Send Us Your Memories
Jasic Detainee #4: Liu Penghua: We Need a Union, Not Just Rights Defense
Keep in Touch
by Matt Noyes
Labor Notes has always emphasized that union power requires democracy . That’s because unions need active members to be strong—and people won’t stay active for long if they don’t have a meaningful say
But “be democratic” is easier said than done. What does democratic organizing look like in practice? How can your efforts be made more…

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