Church & Religious Associations & Organizations in Detroit, MI - Wayne County

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Saint Suzanne Church

Religious Organizations in Franklin Park, Detroit

9357 Westwood St

Franklin Park Detroit, MI

(313) 838-6780

Gospel Tabernacle

Gospel Church in Detroit, MI

19371 Greenfield Rd

Detroit, MI

(313) 493-1439

Greater Grace Temple Annex

Bible Study, Church & Religious Associations & Organizations
Religious Organizations in Berg-Lasher, Detroit

22340 W 7 Mile Rd

Berg-Lasher Detroit, MI

(313) 543-9220

Saint Paul Community Christian Church

Christian Churches in Detroit, MI

16301 W 7 Mile Rd

Detroit, MI

(313) 835-4830

Universal Transformation Ministries

Religious Organizations in Detroit, MI

19901 James Couzens Fwy

Detroit, MI

(313) 397-2156

Compassion Ministries

Religious Organizations in North Rosedale Park, Detroit

18629 W Mcnichols Rd

North Rosedale Park Detroit, MI

(313) 541-1350

Repair the World

Religious Organizations in Hubbard-Richard, Detroit

2701 Bagley St

Hubbard-Richard Detroit, MI

(313) 265-3590

Fountain of Life and Praise Church Office

Religious Organizations in Barton-McFarland, Detroit

8017 Ohio St

Barton-McFarland Detroit, MI

(313) 397-2993

The Open Door Churcfh of God and Christ Inc.

Religious Organizations in Detroit, MI

14860 E 7 Mile Rd

Detroit, MI

(313) 526-3461

Detroit Michigan East Facility Management Group

Religious Organizations in Detroit, MI

4200 Conner St

Detroit, MI

(313) 331-3160

Seventh-Day Aventist Church

Churches Seventh Day Adventist in Petosky-Otsego, Detroit

8816 Grand River Ave

Petosky-Otsego Detroit, MI

(313) 897-1949

City Covenant Church

Religious Organizations in Brightmoor, Detroit

13624 Stout St

Brightmoor Detroit, MI

(313) 535-1084

Evangelistic Outreach Network of Churches

Religious Organizations in Jefferson Chalmers, Detroit

703 Newport St

Jefferson Chalmers Detroit, MI

(313) 823-9712

Glory To Glory Temple

Religious Organizations in Detroit, MI

19309 Greenfield Rd

Detroit, MI

(313) 340-9418

Detroit Unity Temple

Nursery, Nursery
Religious Organizations in Detroit, MI

17505 2nd Ave

Detroit, MI

(313) 345-4848

Westminster Church of Detroit

Bible Study, Praise, Presbyterian
Religious Organizations in Detroit, MI

17567 Hubbell St

Detroit, MI

(313) 341-2697

Grace Community Church

Non-Denominational Churches in Franklin Park, Detroit

20021 W Chicago St

Franklin Park Detroit, MI

(313) 273-0419

Regeneration Church

Non-Denominational Churches in Riverdale, Detroit

17261 Redford St

Riverdale Detroit, MI

(313) 362-1733

St. Mary's Catholic Church

Catholic Churches in Grandmont-Rosedale, Detroit

14601 Mansfield St

Grandmont-Rosedale Detroit, MI

(313) 273-1100

I Am My Brother's Keeper

Religious Organizations in Woodbridge, Detroit

1435 Brainard St

Woodbridge Detroit, MI

(313) 832-0007

Peace Community Church

Mennonite Church in Detroit, MI

15800 Curtis St

Detroit, MI

(313) 273-7999

House of Prayer

Religious Organizations in DETROIT, MI

12603 Birwood St


(313) 931-0311

God's House of Prayer

Bible Study, Christian, Church of Christ, Non Denominational
Non-Denominational Churches in Aviation, Detroit

12929 Joy Rd

Aviation Detroit, MI

(313) 834-6868

Shekinah Tabernacle Gospel Church

Non-Denominational Churches in Grandale, Detroit

16900 W Chicago St

Grandale Detroit, MI

(313) 835-0283

Kingdom Love Fellowship Assembly

Religious Organizations in Detroit, MI

18400 Schaefer Hwy

Detroit, MI

(313) 646-9977

Devine Deliverence Ministries

Religious Organizations in Detroit, MI

7151 Strong St

Detroit, MI

(313) 924-7591

Eastside Church of God

Church of God in McDougall-Hunt, Detroit

2900 Gratiot Ave

McDougall-Hunt Detroit, MI

(313) 567-7822

Jehova's Witness

Religious Organizations in Detroit, MI

3300 W Chicago

Detroit, MI

(313) 556-5136

Whole Truth Church of God in Christ

Church of God in Core City, Detroit

3997 Humboldt St

Core City Detroit, MI

(313) 894-8384

Calvary Church of Jesus Christ

Religious Organizations in Detroit, MI

6318 Varney St

Detroit, MI

(313) 469-1896