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Texan launches effort to correct entrenched myths about the holiday Donald Norman-Cox, a 64 year old resident of Denton, Texas has a message for the nation regarding Juneteenth: “Tell it ri…

No one loves going to the doctor and men in general are known for putting off even the most routine medical interactions. However, taking the time for these key routine men's health screenings will help you detect and even prevent serious health conditions while it's usually easier to control and manage them.

Some new S-U-V's or crossovers are in the pipeline for Cadillac.
General Motors is dumping 3 Cadillac models due to slow sales: the ATS compact ,CTS midsize, and XTS full size Cadillacs.
They're be replaced by two new vehicles in the lineup, according to GM, which along with other automakers is

You might be interested in the Financial Analyst position at Accountemps if you are dedicated and looking to join a fast-growing company. You will oversee financial modeling on multiple financial products and measure, analyze, and forecast performan

Media and businesses of all kinds are invited to Techstars Startup Week Detroit, powered by Chase for Business, June 18 – 22, 2018. Over the course of five transformative days, Startup Week is taki…

Amid all the news lately of companies locating in Detroit, a major auto supplier that bought a downtown building will NOT becoming to Detroit.
Adient has dumped it's plans to move it's headquarters into the Marquette Bldg. on West Congress.
Adient acquired the building in 2016 after it was spun

A Detroit federal Court hearing is scheduled for today on motion filed by the ACLU against U-S immigration and customs agents.
They're trying to keep the U-S from deporting Iraqi's.
The Michigan chapter of the ACLU has accused agents of coercing Iraqi immigrant detainees into signing forms sayin

If you have diabetes, you're likely to develop certain skin problems like diabetic rash, sores, and blisters. Learn more about how to avoid diabetic skin conditions.

Anyone can become a better leader -- anytime, anyplace. Here's how.

What posessed the legendary host and journalist to chastise a promising young artist with this “All Lives Matter” foolishness?

The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for the Detroit area now through Monday, June 18, 2018, until 6:00 PM. Based on anticipated high temperatures, the District will implement a three-hour early release for all schools, Monday, June 18, 2018. Schools that have planned promotional ceremonies can continue as planned with the support of your families. Please refer to the schedule below. School Name…

WE BELIEVE… in the one True God who has revealed himself as the eternally self-existent, self-revealed “I AM”.

Nearly 2,000 children were separated from their families after illegally crossing the border in April and May, according the the Department of Homeland Security. In Southern California, one of the more than hundred facilities that houses unaccompanied migrant children opened its doors to the media on Friday. Amna Nawaz talks with Jean Guerrero of KPBS about what she saw there.

As if the teen years aren’t troubling enough, up to 90 percent of individuals in this age group also have to deal with skin eruptions and acne. While your own teenager’s skin issues may seem relatively minor to you, understand that even a small breakout can be a big blow ...

Miguel Cabrera will miss the rest of 2018, his 16th season in the major leagues. The injury is the death blow to the Detroit Tigers, a team that waved the …

Grand Rapids Utilities and Environmental Services Director Michael Lunn talks about "big infrastructure projects" meant to combat effects of climate change.

In-Home Heroes is the Michigan Humane Society’s short-term, foster care program which saves lives by helping animals who need a little extra time and TLC prior to adoption. Often referred to as animal fostering, MHS’ progressive program is designed with a convenient, structured focus, providing the maximum value to the animals, and to their temporary caretakers
Fostering may be for you if you can answer Yes to two or more of the following questions:
Do you love animals?
Do you have prior pet…

Nashville Painters Aim To Build Immigrant Base
Keep in Touch
by Priscilla Murolo
As public sector unions contemplate losing key rights under the law, it’s worth remembering that for much of their history, such unions organized with no rights at all
In short, collective action was a tradition for more than a century before the law began to catch up.
So take heart—history shows that workers can mobilize and organize even without cover of law. Public workers have done it time and again.…