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New school curricula take so long to develop and implement they are often already outdated by the time they're adopted. How can we speed up the process?

The introduction of automation in global transport will be evolutionary, rather than revolutionary and despite high levels of automation, qualified human resources with the right skill sets will still be needed in the foreseeable future, a new report produced by the World Maritime University finds.

The goal of the SGEM continues to be to cut the knowledge translation (KT) window down from over ten years to less than one year. The SGEM has entered into an arrangement with Society of Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM) and previously with the Canadian Association of Emergency Medicine (CAEP) to cut the KT window down…

Patients older than 18 years with an isolated femur fracture sustained between 2013 and 2015 were identified using the CPT code 27506. Prescribing information was obtained from the State Controlled Substance Monitoring Database. Descriptive analysis of MMEs was then performed. Outliers and patients without prescriptions from orthopaedic providers were excluded to eliminate skewing of data. Mean and standard deviations were then calculated for patients…

On the eve of the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting 2019, we take a look at a selection of quotes from Davos participants that could set the tone for the week ahead.

"In Globalization 4.0, companies that have nothing to do with growing cocoa still capture a disproportionate amount of profits from its end products."

Read HUB's Cyber Attack Recovery Guide to understand the 10 actions to take immediately when faced with a data breach crisis.

When building a budget, use these tips to help you: Have a goal. A clear goal allows you to target problem areas that are inhibiting you and keeps you from getting overwhelmed. Do you want to eliminate debt but have so many deficits you don’t know where to start? Begin with the one with the …

Hear directly from industry experts at Upsite Technologies about what they think the biggest changes and trends are for cloud and data centers in 2019.

Tile comes in many styles and can stand up to the heaviest use your family can dish out

2018 ACA Reporting Deadlines are Approaching It’s that time of year where applicable large employers (ALEs) and certain other employers need to focus on completing their reporting obligations required under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Here are some helpful tips and reminders.Flex has put together a free, 60-minute webinar to provide a thorough overview of the ACA Employer

Did you resolve to get more exercise in 2019? Two weeks into the new year, how are you doing? If you’re like many people, you’ve found yourself slacking a bit – or a lot. Before you put all the blame on your personal lack of willpower, consider some of the inborn factors that tempt us... Read More

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Entrepreneurs think differently than most people. If you happen to live with one or have one in your life, you’re probably thinking, “You don’t have to tell me that. They’re a breed of their own!”...