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iOS: The words “Apple” and “free” are a bit like oil and water—just ask anyone who works at the company and doesn’t get to partake in the Silicon Valley custom of free lunches and dinners for all. However, Father Cook is feeling generous this month, and Apple is offering up the excellent Obscura 2 camera app for free. Here’s how you get it (and save $5).

If you cancel your MoviePass plan, but you want to use it again before your current plan time runs out, you need to be careful when you open the app. Vox reports that MoviePass has reversed some users’ cancellations after they opened the app. The problem is an ambiguous button marked “I accept.”

Running a game of Dungeons & Dragons, or any tabletop role-playing game, involves telling your players what they see. Players rely on you to give a sense of tone and ambience, but also to point out anything interesting or relevant to their quest. But they also need you to leave them room to ask and explore. A good game master learns how to describe a scene in enough, but not too much, detail. One way to learn that skill, says redditor non_player on…

Does it seem like your cat is ignoring you? Do they not come when called? Your cat might be a jerk. Or they might just not recognize their own name.

Man, people love to turn a couple of words into a graphic. Put Words Between Buns, a new word art generator from writer and game designer Ian Bogost, lets you make a rough approximation of a Burger King ad. Like so:

Great opportunity for the Menomonie, WI area!Our client, one of the world’s largest employers, is now hiring for their large production distribution center located in Menomonie, WI. These are temp-to-hire warehouse positions with sign on bonuses and many incentives. This is an opportunity to ....