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Temperatures are dropping, schools are closing and winter events are being canceled for safety reasons
Your pets can be harmed by the weather and by how you deal with the cold and ice.
With a large winter storm in the forecast for much of the United States, it’s important to take steps to prevent slips, falls and injuries from ice -- not just among people, but among our four-legged friends, as well. This may include the use of de-icers to keep sidewalks, steps,…

Commitment to family and community is characteristic of Goddard Schools. We make a difference in our communities by participating in local sponsorship as well as charitable outreach programs. The children in our schools learn about the importance of helping others and the significance of giving and being a part of their communities.

Heavy Rain and Mountain Snow Over Portions of the West
A Pacific storm will bring heavy rain and mountain snow over the favored terrain of the Pacific Northwest and California into the weekend. Multiple feet of snow is expected along the higher peaks of the Sierra and Cascades. Unusually cold temperatures will impact the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys as well as the Mid-Atlantic. Fire danger will be high in Florida, the northern Plains and Southwest. Read More >

From consumer engagement to insurance reimbursement, Apple may have just unleashed the flood gates for health technology.

Zelle P2P payments increased 97 percent in the fourth quarter of 2018, Bank of America said Wednesday (Jan. 16), signaling the latest burst of growth for that payment method. During that quarter, consumers made 52 million payments worth $14 billion via Zelle. For the third quarter of 2018, Zelle P2P payment transactions increased 138 percent year over […]

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Google has been busy in recent weeks. They've removed a staggering 85 apps from their Play Store when they discovered that they were pushing highl...

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., Jan. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Amazon Pay's former General Manager for the Americas, Kurt Bilafer, has joined Yapstone as EVP, Chief...

Elavon and Mastercard are entering an agreement focused on making digital payments even more convenient and secure for consumers.

It's been the better part of two years since the outbreak of the Wannacry ransomware epidemic. Unfortunately, all this time later, some companies ...

Source: www.spreaker.com/user/jeffbrandler/anxiety-and-fear-part-1 There are many reasons to have fear and anxiety. Listen to part 1 of a multi part ...

In the world we live in there are lots of people with anxiety. Listen to Part 1 of Brandler Bits to learn more about anxiety and some healthy ways to handle it.

Are you still using Internet Explorer? Now you have a new reason to consider switching to a more up to date browser. As most people know, Microsoft ess...

Side loading a brush and painting can easily be used to achieve realistic shading. It's a simple technique, and once it's used you'll never go back to being ...

Assess whether you are running “in the black” or “in the red” each month.

At its essence, marketing is a form of persuasion. Travis Heerrmann explains how the ancient Greeks developed persuasion and argument into science and art.

Electrical stimulation is a treatment for overactive bladder. Learn how it works and if it might be right for you.

Source: www.spreaker.com/user/jeffbrandler/brandler-bits-im-sorry We use words like "I'm sorry" or "thank you" when we don't mean them. They are just...

Toddlers know what they want, but they can't always tell you. Here's how to deal.

Apply for Patient Contact Center - RN position at Pediatric Associates in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on jobs.pediatricassociates.com/

Not sure how much exercise is safe during pregnancy? Exercise is important to the baby’s health, so you need to keep moving. Here are the latest guidelines.