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The home buying and selling process is immersed in technology — from website listings and real-time texts and video chats to 3-D virtual reality tours and electronic signatures — which…

Farming in Iowa has changed significantly since the first Iowa State University Farmland Ownership Tenure Survey was taken in the 1940s. The most recent survey, released earlier this month, analyzed trend data from 2012-2017 and offered a glimpse of the changing face of agriculture at the state level...

U.S. relations with India will face a test in coming months as tightening sanctions on Iran and Russia collide with longstanding efforts to broaden the India-U.S. partnership.

Novelist and essayist Daniel Saldaña París reflects on the poets, cartels and piano tuners found in the Mexican capital

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State law limits how much the assessed value of class 2A and 2B buildings in New York City can rise each year.

Odor control is essential—but not always easy. Learn how to get the upper hand on this challenge, while weighing all your product options. Joe Provenzano

To build your reputation as a responsible corporation and make a meaningful contribution you must marry purposeful action and engaging storytelling. When consumers interact with your brand in real life (IRL) in a way that connects them to a social issue and provides entertainment, they undergo an experience that leaves a memorable impression and an …

Sustainability begins with humans and keeping everyone safe at the point of initial collection and discard—the receptacle. Certified compostable bags keep

Fashion Feng Shui: Elements of Style by Marla Smith People ask, “Marla, what is Fashion Feng Shui?” I’ll give you the definition, then I’ll tell you how it can change your life.&n…

While lead batteries are recycled into new ones, most dead lithium-based battery packs, like the ones in computers, are dropped in the regular trash, or

Being close to good schools and having space for a nursery are both important considerations for home-shopping parents. But some could feel remorse later on after overlooking other factors.

The social network was planning to build drones capable of beaming down internet connectivity.

"The big takeaway is that except at kind of the high end of that range, it’s kind of hard to fulfill all the typical lifestyle choices that we tend to associate with middle class."

Researchers followed 3,467 individuals in Finland for an average of 30 years and found that growing up in a socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhood was associated with increased risk of type 2 diabetes, obesity, hypertension and fatty liver in adulthood. The findings in The Lancet "support policies that increase resources and opportunities for those living in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas," researchers said.

A study in the Journal of the American Heart Association on the effects of e-cigarettes suggests that short-term exposure to vapor from the devices was linked with a risk of clot formation in mice. The popularity of e-cigarettes among young people is rising partly due to a lack of information about safety, said researcher Fatima Alshbool of the University of Texas at El Paso School of Pharmacy.

Emergency department patients had longer stays and more patients left without being seen when nurse staffing was lower, according to a single-center study in the Western Journal of Emergency Medicine. The findings were based on a retrospective review of data from a 2015 nursing shortage at the hospital.

If you are dealing with regular headaches that you think might be linked to sleep apnea, we can help. We offer an alternative to CPAP that can be more comfortable and more reliable.

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t want to alienate people who claim the murder of 6 million Jews never happened.

New Career Opportunity! Mental Health Center of Denver has an opening for a Clinical Case Manager I/II in Denver, CO

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The £55.7 billion project will “fundamentally” change how Britons view rail travel, the Government-backed firm behind the scheme says.

Many, many people experience low back pain. You could say it’s become a bit of a modern epidemic, since your chances of experiencing it in your lifetime sit at about 80 percent. The chiropractors at The Joint help people every day deal with back issues and hopefully save them from a life of daily pain with treatment for low back pain. Here are a few tips from the chiropractors at The Joint to help you prevent low back before it starts
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A young soldier who fatally shot himself at Deepcut barracks hours after he was told he would be discharged from the Army was let down by a lack of support from the military, a coroner has ruled.Private Sean Benton, 20, died on June 9 1995 with five bullet wounds to his chest at the Surrey military base, following episodes of verbal and physical violence from a senior member of staff, and at least one attack by fellow juniors.

Welcome back to another episode of Elevated Culture. Now that we're in July, we're focusing on the Sense of Hearing
It's obvious that you can't hear cannabis, unless it's loud. (bad joke) But we're taking on the sense of hearing in a metaphorical sense.
This episode we go a little off book as Ryan and Matthew talk about how they got into the cannabis industry, even diving into the reaction of their parents when they told them they were getting into the industry.…