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"She started as a statement, and she completely changed it into a movement," a New York congresswoman said at the statue's new unveiling.

If you like to combine your commute with a workout, these clothing brands have you in mind.

A Virginia high school has fired teacher Pete Vlaming, who refused to address a transgender student using male pronouns. WWBT's Karina Bolster reports.

Your assets include more than just tangible property. In this day and age, digital assets are becoming an increasingly important part of your legacy.

More than 40 percent of adults won't be getting a flu vaccine this year, even following one of the worst flu outbreaks in decades. Here's why.

An eyewitness video shows NYPD officers trying to rip a baby out of a mother's arms at a social services office in Brooklyn, New York. The eyewitness said that the mother was asked to leave when she sat down on the floor because all of the chairs were full.

"Working on Voyager makes me feel like an explorer," one scientist said, "because everything we're seeing is new."

Joao Teixeira de Faria's website says he has treated former U.S. President Bill Clinton and Brazil's ex-President Luiz Inacio da Silva.

Learn how to make pineapple cookies with recipes for sour cream cookies, several drop cookies, thumbprints, filled recipes, coconut recipes, brownie bars and other bar cookies

By teaching girls to be nice and stifle their anger, are we neglecting to teach them they have the right to be respected?

Need affordable health insurance? Shop and Enroll in ACA/Obamacare plans and NON Obamacare plans. Savings up to 60%

Anti-Brexit campaigners heralded Monday's decision as a game-changer, boosting their hopes of reversing the divorce altogether.

Are you the creator or beneficiary of a trust that isn't working as planned? "Decanting" is one way to fix a trust, even one that is supposedly irrevocable.

When "tone-deafness" can be deadly. - Lauren Weinstein - Google+

“While we’re pleased to see the Task Force agrees that the Postal Service should not be privatized, the reality is that many of the report’s recommendations will functionally privatize mail and package delivery by impairing the USPS’ ability to deliver everywhere and every day at an affordable price. Driving up prices will accelerate the departure of mail from an already declining base, and, at the very…