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You don’t want to pull holiday decorations out of storage only to find them broken! Follow these storage tips to ensure your holiday decorations stay safe.

Traditional year-in-review article observing the most popular trends of 2017 in user interface design for websites and mobile applications: UX approaches and examples.

As people search for ways to reclaim death from the funeral industry, a home vigil can help with the grieving process

As with every other aspect of U.S. politics and policy, 2017 brought upheaval and uncertainty to the nation’s food system.

As the worst-polluting coal plants near the end of their life, the focus must turn to tackling gas dependency, says analysis firm

BOULDER, Colo. -- A Boulder woman hopes to ban dog collars that choke, prong, or shock, according to the Boulder Daily Camera.
Dog trainer Mary Angilly is starting a campaign in hopes to get the proposal on the 2018 ballot.
Her proposal would ban three controversial forms of dog training equipment: choking collars, collars with prongs that poke the dog, and shock collars.

We're hoping this article will not PUT you to sleep but rather WAKE YOU UP to the important information presented here about how to sleep in the presence of neck pain. If you’ve ever had neck

138 nylon bonded thread in Chinese Rust. That way you can match it up with your project. I will do this for free! This thread is the choice of professionals in all industries. Its great for leather, tents, camping gear, upholstery and anything you can think of that needs some strength to it. | eBay!

The unspoken question of endless browsing is “What do I need?” What I needed was less.

Correspondence to be sold by Sotheby’s shows his love for Emma Hamilton and sense of frustration when not in combat

Kick off your New Year with an easy gourmet brunch. What's on the menu? Chorizo waffles, egg and bacon pies, kale muffins, Spanish egg omelette and more!

EVERGREEN, Colo. -- A man is in custody after a nine hour standoff with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and a SWAT team in Evergreen on Wednesday morning, the sheriff's office said.
Deputies responded to a report of a disturbance inside a home in the 29000 block of Pine Road around 1 a.m. Three victims were able to leave the home with minor injuries before the suspect barricaded himself inside the home.

If you suffered serious injuries or your loved one was killed by a driver who was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you may be able to seek compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and other costs. You only have three years to take legal action.

Be a Mentor
“I thought I was on my own and to never depend on anyone. Kelsey proved me wrong and she came every time she thought I was upset or something had happened”
- Ashley, Little Sister
Deciding to become a Big Brother or Big Sister is one of the most rewarding decisions you will ever make. Our volunteers are extraordinary people by just making a commitment to a child who needs that consistent support in their lives.Volunteering just eight hours a…

Download on iTunes: wmna.sh/obsessed Stream on Spotify: wmna.sh/obsessed_sp Starring: Katie Stevens as Sophie (instagram.com/thekatieste...

DENVER -- City of Denver inspectors are about to head out to inspect the condition of sidewalks in all neighborhoods.
Property owners will be responsible for repairing cracked, crumbling and uneven sidewalks adjacent to their properties. Many don't know they're responsible to make those repairs.

The rising tide of resistance across the country fortified longtime champions of food justice and brought even more people into the movement.

Whether it's to jump-start your workout or recover from one, these healthy protein ball recipes taste great no matter how, when, or why you eat them.

Choice of:
Red Wine-Making Class for One
Red Wine-Making Class for Two
White Wine-Making Class for One
White Wine-Making Class for Two
Call for availability and placement in weekly class

These 7 simple end-of-year calculations will reveal powerful insights when it comes to the state of your freelance business.

7 Steps to Begin a Strength Program Safely
Consult a physician– It is always best to ensure that you are physically cleared for exercise by your doctor so that you will not encounter any setbacks during your training
Seek out a professional– Personal trainers are passionate about serving others through fitness and nutrition. They may have many years of experience under their belt but do their…

Most Americans can name several National Parks. Ask the same person to name a few National Forest and they’ll probably struggle to identify more than one. The National Forest System is a vast and rich component of our public lands. Check out this list to learn more about these amazing places. Then take a weekend and explore the one nearest you, chances are it’s within a couple hours’ drive.

City and county crime maps showing crime incident data down to neighborhood crime activity.

It's simple: Cupcakes make people happy, and these sweet recipes are guaranteed to put a smile on any face. From fruit-filled and fondant-adorned creations to classic chocolate and vanilla, Food Network has a cupcake for every occasion.

Give Your Amazon Box New Life
Amazon and Goodwill® are working together to make donating easier for you. Using the Give Back Box® platform, a free shipping service, you can donate items you no longer need to Goodwill with ease and bring new life to your empty Amazon box
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:
Open Your Box: Unpack your merchandise from your Amazon shipping box.
Pack Your Box: Fill the box with clothing, accessories and household goods you no longer need…

Ever wondered why some languages sound like they're spoken much faster than others? Yet, in dubbed movies the words seemingly fit the actors' mouth mo

Sometimes it feels like you have written about everything you possibly can. In this post, you will learn 6 ways to find blog topics when you're stuck.

If you write a lot of content, you are bound to come across errors. Fortunately there are some simple editing hacks that can help you minimize these errors.

My thoughts and experiences as I navigate the world of Agile software development.