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In summer 2014 the residents in and around Toledo, Ohio were told not to drink, cook, or bathe with the water from their faucets. A massive growth of toxic blue-green algae got into Toledo's drinking water intake and the system had to be flushed.

Parents work hard to protect and provide for their children. Single parents face even greater challenges, whether they have full legal custody, are obligat

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Save yourself time and innumerable hassles by following these four steps to get a business loan.

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — The federal government is warning Americans to brace for a "floodier" future. Government scientists predict 40 places in the U.S. will experience higher than...

The California Clean Water Act is in its final steps before becoming law. State Senator Jeff Stone of Temecula supported the bill all the way up and says it’s long overdue. If Governor Gavin Newsom signs the

We hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend & celebrated our Independence Day & honored those that have fought for this country.   Last week, I asked Alex Poellinger, our intern from Washington University to provide me with insight to what he has learned in the past few

The Trump administration has rolled back more than 50 environmental protections specifically at the request of the energy industry, according to a new report. The effect on public land and wildlife could last for some time.

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Drugs that instantly relieve anxiety can feel like a godsend, but using the pills long-term may come with serious consequences.

How to Enjoy a Non-Toxic, Allergy-Free Summer Vacation The summer vacation season is officially here, but your travel plans may have been clouded by recent viral reports of unexplained illnesses by…

You’re about to interview for your dream job, but there’s just one problem: your background is not 100 percent clean.

These ultimate decadent desserts for chocolate lovers are perfect for Valentine's Day. A true chocolate lovers dream list.

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Is it legal to buy fireworks in your state? What you need to know before buying fireworks this 4th of July.

Salute the birthday of America — Austin style — during the best things to do on the Fourth of July. Whether you’re interested in fireworks and fanfare or just some ...

In This Issue We Need to Make Polluters Pay Take Action to Make Polluters Pay Title Track A Watershed Moment Line 5 Will Lansing Lawmakers Stand for Our Water? Connecting Grand Rapidians to Their River

Chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy – often called CAR T-cell therapy – is a type of cancer treatment used to treat children and young adults with acute...

In TV’s beloved sitcom The Office, the Scranton workplace of Dunder Mifflin was decidedly non-PC, a place where harassment of all sorts was tolerated and w

Quite simply, Trump’s plan would slash bedrock protections for the water that millions of Americans use and drink.

You feel awful, you can’t enjoy the cruise, and you’ve used up precious vacation time and money for the privilege. Do you have any recourse?