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NEW: NASA is expected to conduct its Airborne Snow Observatory overflight of the San Joaquin River Watershed on April 5
UPDATED: For the Friant Division allocation, the most recent March 90% exceedance forecast scenarios from DWR and NWS show significant increased runoff compared to the prior week forecast and could support a potential allocation of higher than the 60% Class 1 supplies announced on March 22…

Major storms are forecast for the Central Valley this week from Tuesday through Sunday. Precipitation forecasts call for 5-8 inches for higher elevations and 1-4 inches for foothills and lower elevations. This is a warmer storm than last week, with more rainfall and hence the potential for local flood issues and melting of low-elevation snowpack. Freezing levels will be 6,000-10,000 ft before dropping on Thursday night…

Winter storms return to the Central Valley, with moderate to heavy snowfall forecast from Tuesday-Saturday. Precipitation forecasts are 3-6 inches for higher elevations and 1-3 inches for foothills and lower elevations. 4-8 feet of snow is forecast for above 4,000 ft
More storms are expected next week as well, with medium-term precipitation forecasts above normal for 6 to 14 days out
The March 1 Water Supply…

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Businesses along the Gulf Coast are still in the midst of recovery efforts after Harvey. But ano...

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