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Dry conditions continue in the Central Valley with only very minor precipitation forecast for the next week. Medium-term forecasts for 6 to 14 days out are above normal however, so there could be some precipitation on the horizon
Reclamation issued the initial 2018 Water Supply Allocation for Friant Division and South-of-Delta CVP contractors on February 20, shown below. No initial allocation was issued for CVP North-of-Delta…

Out east, it’s the snow that sometimes keeps kids home from school. But for schoolchildren in the Central Valley, another seasonal wonder…

Dry conditions continue in the Central Valley due to a strong high-pressure ridge over the Pacific Ocean. No significant precipitation is forecast for this week and the forecast for two weeks out is below normal for precipitation
The February 1 Water Supply Index and Bulletin 120 Forecasts were issued by DWR on February 8. The forecast for the Sacramento Valley Water Year Type is a Below Normal year (50% exceedance) and for the San Joaquin Valley Water Year Type is a Dry Year…

Beautologie in Bakersfield provides a high quality cosmetic surgery addressing nearly all aspects of the body.

The top surgeons at Beautologie in Bakersfield provide high quality liposuction and other cosmetic surgery procedures.

Get information from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons about what questions to ask your plastic surgeon during your breast lift consultation.

Your vehicle is more than just a ride. It’s your home away from home, your office, your chill zone, and most importantly it keeps you on the move. For more than a century, Chevron Havoline engine protection technology has done just that. Through scorching heat and blistering cold, good times and bad, Chevron Havoline motor oils have what it takes to keep you going.

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She hadn’t thought about God or spirituality since she was a teenager. But in a remote wilderness, with no other help, this author discovered that God, divine Love, was just as present as she’d known Him to be during her childhood.

With Lean tools and processes, companies can reduce waste in their supply chain operations.

Vietnam War veteran Gary M. Rose will receive the award on Oct. 23.

Nashville, Tennessee (TN), United States 37203-0007
The Associate General Secretary-DHE oversees all functions of the Division of Higher Education and serves as the chief executive and operating officer for the Division; responsible for the vision and work of the Division
Essential Job Functions
1. Administers and oversees the higher education mission and programs mandated by the Book of Discipline including annual operating budget and the three…

The apostle Paul is not generally viewed as a pastor. Teaching, fearless advocate for the faith, traveller, apologist, pioneering church planter, yes—but pastor? As we read Paul's letters, in some part because of our cultural distance, it is easy not to sense that we are encountering Paul the pastor

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Businesses along the Gulf Coast are still in the midst of recovery efforts after Harvey. But ano...

God has poured out His Spirit for you! Believe Him for new spiritual breakthroughs