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“Checking in' on a friend, loved one or acquaintance can go a long way in making a difference in their life, it can help save a life. Please reach out to those who may be isolated. Make a friendly phone call, skype, email, text message, or best of all a visit.”

At 30 seconds, smoke detectors sense the fire and activate
Fire ignition has occurred. Every 74 seconds, a house burns in the U.S. Within one minute of the fire, the smoke alarm sounds. You awaken. You don’t smell smoke but you get up to check.
Fire spreads from first flame and smoke beings to fill the room.
It takes almost 30 seconds to reach the stairs and start down. As you descend, you start to smell smoke. You see smoke billowing out…

Over break, I received this message from a middle school student: Hi! I was wondering if you had any advice for me

While nearly 800,000 federal employees are affected by the partial government shutdown, Sen. Mazie Hirono is donating her pay to food banks across Hawaii.

Stephane Lavoie, MD, is a board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon at Florida Orthopaedic Associates in Lake Mary and Orange City.

Last year, we collected Christmas cards for the troops. However, WE WILL NOT BE COLLECTING THEM THIS YEAR
We know many enjoyed doing this and we were excited to collect more than 27 flat rate boxes last year.
So, if you are wanting to send cards this year, I would suggest you do a search online or even through Facebook. Two options did pop up, but we did not look at the programs in depth. A reminder is to always check the program…

The 5th edition of the Disability Holiday Gift Guide is filled with a variety of great gift ideas all from disabled entrepreneurs.

Art teacher Jessica Jones working with one of her students
Lavelle School for the Blind in New York contacted us this past summer about their gardening program for kids with visual impairments. Horticulture therapy programs for students who are blind or have other disabilities are popping up all over the country, and while Lavelle’s gardening program is terrific, I’ve heard of gardening programs like theirs before…

Go Leafs go! The 41st annual Toronto Maple Leafs Skate for Easter Seals Kids is just around the corner on Sunday, November 18 at the MasterCard Centre. This exceptional fundraising event offers fans the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to skate with Toronto Maple Leafs players and alumni in support of Ontario’s kids with physical disabilities
Skate participants must raise a minimum of $250 in pledges for kids with…

So much to unpack here. Thank you @janaya_khan for your powerful words. Your reframing of privilege was an awakening for me. The clarity was like a deep, full breath. The world is better……

“A rock star — that’s how I feel. What job can you go to every day and feel like you’re a rock star on stage?”

CMS is closing the opportunity to comment on its proposed changes for the 2019 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule this coming Monday, September 10. As a reminder, included among many proposed changes, CMS also included a proposal to require only podiatric physicians to use a separate set of E/M codes, which would pay significantly less. If you haven’t already utilized APMA’s eAdvocacy portal to express your opposition to this punitive proposal, we urge you to do so now.

Give people with disabilities a chance and you'll be amazed what they are able to do because they truly appreciate the job you provide them, writes Adam Ross of Vocational Guidance Services in Cleveland.

Dr. Thomasson gave a free orthopedic seminar discussing the myths surrounding hip replacement procedures on Thursday, August 23, 2018 at 12PM.

This week is National Disability Voter Registration Week. Are you registered to vote? If not, learn more here! With cyber concerns in the news these days, many polling places are considering returning to paper ballots in future elections. I get that, but here’s the thing: many people with disabilities cannot mark paper ballots without assistance. I’m […]

Before you introduce ASQ-3, make sure parents understand three things: what screening is, why it’s important, and what the benefits are.

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We're seeing almost record heat these days. People tell me they drink enough water. I believe they believe they do. It’s just we are seeing more patients come in feeling weak, tired and some with confusion. Those are symptoms of dehydration. We recommend trying coconut water; if you don’t like the taste add it to a little juice. You’ll be amazed how quickly you will feel refreshed. We offer a sample of coconut…

There is no cookie cutter way to give back, and we love to see people use their passions and creativity for good, whether at Easter Seals or any nonprofit that touches you. Many people reach out to organizations like Easter Seals to see what they need, but you are empowered to give us, or any nonprofit organization, a call and offer your ideas for donation of your time or unique skills.

Cinemas aren't doing everything they can for their disabled patrons -- or for their employees who interact with them.

Looking for a job in home care working with seniors? Join our team at Home Instead Senior Care in Daytona Beach, FL.

I am completely blind. I can’t see emojis. The speech synthesizers on my laptop and phone describe them to me when they appear on screen, though. Want an example? Here’s a sampling of what I hear when choosing from the list of “Smileys and Other People” emojis: “Winking face with stuck-out tongue” “Smirking face” “Face […]