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Where did all the good jobs go? They didn’t head to other countries or even down the street. The good jobs I’m talking about are the ones that our parents were used to. Steady, consistent factory work. The sort of...

More than 400 readers took our survey to determine the best US schools for computer science and engineering.

"We'll likely look back at this as a watershed moment," says Sen. Ben Sasse, as malware called Wana Decryptor is blamed for large-scale attacks around the world.

Mac users might need to break out the ant-acids -- they're not as safe as they might think.

Network World 30th Anniversary: The digital nervous system of the modern enterprise is driving today’s digital transformations.

Computer Networking Jobs continues to be a HOT topic of discussion in the IT Field. Here's a guide to employment if you want a job in computer networking!

Katherine Johnson was 90 on Tuesday, an apt date because it also was National Equality Day. Not that she ever thought she wasn't equal.

ANNABELL is an artificial network of neurons that allows computers to learn language from scratch, in the same way a human infant does.

Segregated in a remote building, Black women mathematicians known as “computers” provided calculations essential to NASA and the space race.

Criminals are actively trying to gain access to every corporate network on the Internet. You can implement strong security on your network, but the most vulnerable part of your security is the end user. Most security breaches occur because of a lapse in security, or mistake by an end user. Even a seemingly small thing like a laptop left unattended ... Read More

Computer Networking Jobs: What No One Is Talking About. Here are a few overlooked benefits of a career in the computer networking industry. Learn More!

CST's simulation software provides accurate 3D electromagnetic EDA solutions for the numerical solution of Maxwell's Equations, from statics up to highest frequencies.

Computer Shopper is your one-stop shop for laptop computers, desktop computers, notebook computers, computer reviews & computer deals.

Computer Networking Degree: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Computer networking degrees are always in demand and often recommended for high school graduates who don”t know where to turn to first. An accredited college degree will always give job seekers a competitive advantage. However, it is important for prospective students to know if this …

Individuals and corporations spend millions of dollars on software that sniffs out potentially dangerous bugs in computer programs. And whether the software finds 10 bugs or 100, there is no way determine how many go unnoticed. Researchers at NYU Tandon, in collaboration with the MIT Lincoln Laboratory and Northeastern University, are taking an unorthodox approach to tackling this problem: Instead of finding and remediating bugs, they’re adding them by the hundreds of thousands.

If you read a poem and feel moved by it, but then find out it was actually written by a computer, would you feel differently about the experience? Would you think that the computer had expressed itself and been creative, or would you feel like you had fallen for a cheap trick? In this talk, writer Oscar Schwartz examines why we react so strongly to the idea of a computer writing poetry -- and how this reaction helps us understand what it means…

This fall, the Natural State will be the first in which every high school and charter school offers at least one computer-science course.