Business in Shroyer Park - Dayton, OH

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August Smart Lock Pro + Connect, 3rd gen technology - Silver, works with Alexa - -

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Echo is an Alexa-enabled speaker you control with your voice. Now you can use Echo to play music, read news, play games, and more.

Social Interactions and Happiness. Is there a connection between the two? New Data Confirms Findings From 2010 social interations study.

You may think you are patient, kind-hearted, understanding and virtuous beyond vocabulary
Five minutes with a whining child can make all those golden qualities evaporate
And let us not forget whiny adults. Whining isn’t just a youngster’s activity.
Whining works. Which is why it is used. Most of us would rather give in than listen to wh-i-i-i-i-ining.
What does whining really communicate?
For starters, whiners try…

The tech giant is shutting down Hearts, Spades, Checkers, Backgammon, Reversi and MSN Go.

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter snapped the reflective rover's portrait.

The FBI drama, produced by The Social Network director David Fincher, is set to make its season 2 debut next month.

US giants Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Google will be paying more tax in France.