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Has the idea of starting a business begun to resonate with you? Do you have a cool idea for an app but stuck at the start button? Do you have more questions than answers? Actually, that is not a bad place to be BEFORE you launch. Come with questions – leave with answers
Come out to hear how a Law and Business professor, entrepreneur, thought leader, app developer and ed tech enthusiast shares his journey from coder to CEO is…

What you need to know to save lives
We’ve seen it in movies and on TV dozens of times. Grandpa collapses in a shopping mall, mom faints at the airport, or young John from sales loses his balance at the gym and suddenly passes out. A friend or relative leaps into action and they start CPR. In real life, more often, folks are may also reach for an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
What is (and isn’t) an AED?
A defibrillator is a medical…

Since the dawn of time, professionals have equipped themselves with a set of tools to facilitate their work. Carpenters have hammers and nail pullers, hairstylists have scissors and blow dryers, and marketers have their own array of tools. Until recently, marketers relied on traditional advertising channels to communicate their messages such as ads on TV,

Lush living walls provide these projects with a welcome breath of fresh air.

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Similar “blessing of the animals” ceremonies were held around the world this past week in honor of St. Francis of Assisi, the Catholic Church’s patron saint of animals.

Whether contractors in Syria are injured during or after combat operations, substantial compensation is available. Contact us to learn more about DBA benefits.

Take a tour of the new 2019 AirstreamInternational Serenity 27FB travel trailer with Airstream of South Florida Double Certified Master Sales Consultant Todd...

Come take a tour of the beautiful new 2019 Newmar Essex 4551 diesel pusher luxury motorhome with North Trail RV Center luxury motor home specialist John Wick...

Do you have children? Grandchildren? Do you know any kids? Well then spread the word for the first-ever trick or treat fundraiser on Friday, October 26th fro...

The massive effort to help victims of Hurricane Michael is not only limited to people, but also the four-legged victims.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is already verging on being silly, but with the full HPE1000 package from Hennessey Performance you're now looking at an SU...

Truffles for brunch? Yep, it’s real. And it’s glorious. These French toast cups are easy peasy to make and a real crowd pleaser.

Are you experiencing tooth sensitivity? In this post, we’re going to detail what exactly tooth sensitivity is, then talk about the top reasons why you may feel sensitivity in your teeth. What Is Tooth Sensitivity? Tooth sensitivity

Burlington, MA – Erland Construction of Burlington announced that its status as an Accredited Quality Contractor (AQC) has been renewed by the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC)
ABC’s AQC program identifies construction firms that have achieved a level of excellence in their organizational structure and business operations
Steve McDonald, president of Erland said, “It’s an honor to not only be recognized by the Associated Builders and…

Google’s new responsive search ads bring a wide array of new features, but how does your business take advantage of them?

There are tons of marketing tools out there. From fancy websites to complex PR strategies, there are as many ways to approach your marketing efforts as there are potential clients. We know it can be overwhelming, so let’s take it one step at a time. As a marketing company, we run into issues often where

Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream flavor is Vanilla Ice Cream with Gobs of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

A Halloween cruise can provide extra fun for you and your family. We’ll cover all you need to know in this post, including the best Halloween cruises and what to expect. What You Can Expect on a Halloween Cruise Halloween cruises have extra activities and bonuses you can prepare for ahead of time to maximize your memories. Below you’ll find information on what you can expect from many of these types of cruises, but make sure you check individual cruise line websites for…

Everything you need to know about the Heimlich Maneuver
Thanks to movies and television, we’ve all probably wondered what we would do if we’re dining in a restaurant and someone started choking on their dinner. The Heimlich Maneuver has been dramatized over and over again, but would we actually feel comfortable doing it at the moment
The method has been known to save lives, but there’s also been some controversy over whether it’s the best method out there, as well as what it…

As an Authorized Master Distributor of Philips AEDs, One Beat CPR + AED carries a wide range of Heart Start AEDs and accessories designed for first-responders, hospitals as well as home use. Visit our store to find an AED the fit your needs.
AEDs and CPR save lives. Read inspiring survivor stories, from everyday people who’s lives were saved thanks to others who were able to save them thanks to their CPR training. Now is a great time for you to learn CPR.

Complete the form to book an appointment at the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show. We invite you to tour our fleet of power camarans! On display we will have the Leopard 43 PC and the Leopard 51 PC. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@leopardcatamarans.com. We will see you in Ft. Lauderdale!

Hurricane Michael is the strongest storm to make landfall in the U.S. since Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

Buy Hot 105s 4th Annual R&B Groove tickets at the James L Knight Center in Miami, FL for Nov 10, 2018 07:30 PM at Ticketmaster.

(BPT) — For many parents, you buckle up your kids and off you go to day care, school or the park. You trust their car seat or booster seat will

Survivors of previous hurricanes are using social media to post their own tips for staying safe in Hurricane Michael; here's what's legit and what's not.

TELEVISION BROADCASTS from ARCCA - See our scientists share knowledge for important news sources such as C-SPAN, ABC, NBC, and CBS. We can help you today.

Technology, training and teamwork are the keys to speed and higher profits.
Construction has a well-known productivity problem. Where other industries have seen significant productivity improvements over the last decades, construction has all but stagnated. There are plenty of reasons — each project is unique and poses different challenges, for one. But there are also solutions.