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RELIEF…at the expectation of a cure.
ANXIETY …about what’s expected of you and what to expect of your Gynecologist.

“It’s a HUGE positive for a high school player to be a multi-sports athlete. They tend to be more athletic, better leaders and better teammates.” (Major League Baseball manager)
“Playing multiple sports is better.” (Former NBA Executive of the year.)
“We like them cross trained. Stick with multiple sports as long as you can. People will see your tools.” (Coach of a College Baseball World Series winning team)

Patients with Painful Bladder Syndrome -- also called Interstitial Cystitis (IC) -- often suffer 5-7 years before receiving an accurate diagnosis.

When a patient is faced with a cancer diagnosis, they look to the physician delivering this news for answers about their cancer treatment. These answers are often based on the information the surgeon or oncologist receives from the team working behind the scenes -- those who determine the precise type and stage of the cancer – the pathologists.

The gallbladder, despite its small size is a significant, though not essential, organ in your body. Just what does it do and why?

Exercise. Fun. Energy-efficient transportation. Bicycles and cycling have expanded from a mostly childhood activity to one where adults are as common on bikes as youngsters.

Most conversations and articles around the topic of Pelvic Health focus on women starting at age 35. Pelvic Health information for and about young women and teens are equally important.

“Not all lung cancer surgeries are the same,” says McLeod Thoracic Surgeon Wayne Holley, MD. “The goal is to spot the cancer early, so the smallest amount of lung tissue needs to be removed.

For years, regular chest X-rays were recommended for smokers and others, who were at high risk of lung cancer. Low dose CT Scans are now recommended and covered by health insurers for certain individuals.

Women of menopausal age often view hot flashes (also known as night sweats) as one of the most troublesome symptoms they gain as their menstrual periods stop. Many supposed treatments for hot flashes range from the scientific to old wives’ tales. Research has finally confirmed what experts say works (or doesn’t work) to control these menopause symptoms.

A man facing prostate cancer also faces one of the widest range of treatments for any cancer. “Watchful Waiting” is unique to cancer of the prostate, a walnut-sized gland that sits in a man’s pelvic area.

Heart disease is part of growing older,” says McLeod Cardiothoracic Surgeon Robert Messier, MD. “Many people ignore the signs, because we don’t want to face growing older. Yet, the signs of heart disease indicate a need to seek help immediately.