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Dallas is the perfect choice when looking to have a good time. This vibrant area is the ideal balance of cosmopolitan chic partnered with southern hospitality and cowboy roots. All of these elements to combine to deliver a city that… READ THIS POST

Deep learning is an ideal technology to address the volume and velocity of the current threat environment, and can be used to detect a variety of different threats, even ones that seemingly look novel.

Many runners know the importance of preventing running injuries. This is helpful in avoiding injuries that are caused by over training, wearing improper shoes, or running excess miles in limited time. Research has indicated it is beneficial to have your feet properly measured to determine correct size shoe. Additionally, shoes can lose cushioning as they... Read more »

Over half of all runners encounter at least one injury per year. The reason for this is because many runners do not train properly. Injuries are almost inevitable due to the physical stress that running causes. While our bodies are great at adapting to the stress, it can only handle it in small doses. Injuries... Read more »

He designed masterpieces in the Meyerson and Fountain Place, but we glimpse Pei's humanity in Dallas City Hall, a misunderstood creation that helped shaped the city.

You could say we’re in a food revolution of sorts. For years, food was simply food. People ate to sustain themselves (and also for pleasure because, let’s face it, humans like food). But we’ve recently begun to

The number of births for the United States last year dropped to its lowest in 32 years, according to provisional data from the National Center for Health Statistics. The total fertility rate is also at a record low.

One of the first lessons I learned starting out as a young chaplain 23 years ago was to listen. My experienced supervisor assured me that the patients I encounter will be some of the wisest people with

Dallas mayoral candidates Eric Johnson and Scott Griggs will face off Tuesday in their second debate of the runoff season.Johnson, a state...

Jones and the board came to a mutual decision at a meeting on Tuesday, the organization says.

The Verizon 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) is the most extensive to date, with 73 contributors and an analysis of 41,686 security incidents including 2,013 confirmed breaches.

Get in the spirit this Cinco de Mayo with the Spicy Verde Margarita made with two Mexican spirits, Milagro Silver and Ancho Verde. Milagro Silver, made with 100% blue agave, was inspired by the his…

Many women experience foot pain during their pregnancy. This is due to a variety of reasons, which often includes additional weight gain, swelling in the latter stages of pregnancy, and hormonal changes. The added weight may shift the center of gravity, and this will typically put more pressure on the feet. Excess swelling can cause... Read more »

Dentists say the products risk tooth decay and damage to the enamel from abrasive brushing.

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OZ Systems was honored to collaborate with the Texas Hospital Association and Texas Department of State Health Services to provide facilities with best practices for mandated newborn screening. Everyone’s ultimate goal is to provide the best outcome for newborns. It takes everyone coming together to make this a reality. Click Here to download the white paper. Learn more at

Wine Spectator Award winner and Addison staple, Antonio Ristorante. is now offering a date night doesn’t need to be expensive, but should always be enjoyable. Over twenty years of making customers…

Miriam Cocina Latina, the newest concept from restaurateurs Shannon Wynne and Miriam Jimenez opens tonight in the Dallas Arts District neighborhood situated on downtown’s Klyde Warren Park. Miriam…

Consumer-driven industries — from hotels and airlines, to food services and entertainment — have experienced incredible growth in recent years thanks to digital advancements that have improved the customer experience. But what about healthcare? Thanks to

You are the caregivers, communicators, patient advocates and decision makers. You are the hand-holders, the voice-of-reason, the 3 a.m. vitals-checkers. You become the around-the-clock best friend by the bedside, the calming voice, the familiar face full

Around Baylor University Medical Center, they call me “the Singing Nurse.” You may have heard my voice floating through the hospital atrium, or my humming filling the hallways as I weave in and out of

When you hear the word “heartburn,” you probably don’t immediately make the leap to “cancer.” But Sam Douglass does. It’s easy to dismiss that uncomfortable burning in your chest as the inevitable consequence of a particularly heavy