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The flu epidemic has peaked, the CDC said Friday. Activity declined last week, but the disease is still widespread and dangerous. And it's still not too late to get a flu shot.

In recent years, there has been a dramatic rise in early sports specialization for young athletes — kids seem to be settling on a single sport at younger and younger ages. With the increased availability

Some people have not yet gotten the official public health advice that sneezing into your sleeve (if you don’t have a tissue) will stop the spread of infectious germs.

Sometimes fats can get a bad rap. They’re higher in calories, have a longer digestion time, and are often associated with weight gain and adverse health effects.

“Tell me how you were loved and I will tell you how you make love,” says sexuality expert and therapist Esther Perel. As she explains here, much of our adult sexuality, our current desires, the way we relate to others, how we perceive our self-worth—is the product of the way we were raised and the environment in which our sexuality developed.

Choose Between Two Options $33 for six vitamin B-12 shots with lipotropics ($130 value) $56 for twelve vitamin B-12 shots with lipotropics ($260 value) B12 Injections: A Nutritional Detour For some people, B12 injections can be more effective than ingesting supplements. Read on to learn more about this crucial option for getting your vitamins. B12: a vitamin that helps maintain nerve cells and produce healthy red…

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The Deal $91 for a Zoom! in-office teeth-whitening treatment ($599 value) Prior to treatment, a staffer covers the lips and gums. Then, a hydrogen peroxide gel coats teeth in a solution activated by light, which helps the gel penetrate teeth and break up discoloration. The Zoom! treatment is broken into two 20-minute bleaching sessions administered during the same office visit.

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Why do you feel unworthy? So many of us feel unworthy. We feel like we’re not good enough, like we don’t fit in, and like we don’t matter. We’re overly self-critical, fixating on our flaws and failures. We think we need to be perfect and successful...

Choose Between Two Options $25 for a dental cleaning, exam, and x-rays ($277 value) $49 for a dental exam, x-rays, and one surface tooth-colored filling ($509 value)

Choose Between Two Options $36 for a 60-minute inch-loss stomach wrap ($85 value) $39 for a 30-minute infrared weight-loss wrap ($85 value) The inch-loss stomach wrap begins with a body buff to open pores and stimulate circulation. Then, an application of aloe and mineral-soaked compression wraps work to contour the stomach, waist, love handles, and lower back. Alternately, the weight-loss wrap encases clients in infrared heat…

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