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Overview This month marks the one-year anniversary of the WannaCry ransomware attacks, which Wired called the “worst digital disaster to strike the internet in years.” By exploiting an operating system vulnerability, the ransomware corrupted data on some 200,000 computers across 150 countries, then demanded payment for restored access. The cost of damages has been estimated …

The San Antonio International Airport had some excitement on Monday after a monkey managed to escape from his crate in a baggage area.

Texas Democrats will choose their nominee to run for governor in Tuesday's runoff election . None of the nine Democratic gubernatorial candidates who ran

Veteran dealmaker discusses the good mood at RECon 2018 and how her millennial daughter is her e-commerce barometer

We all know that exercise is good for the heart, but do you know how much to do and what benefits to expect? “A large number of epidemiological studies have…

Remember the Mowgli of your childhood? That sweet little cartoon boy who was raised by a panther in the jungle? His best friend was an adorable bear. Yeah, just go ahead wipe that image from your brain right now.

Ready to propel your business to the next level? If so, there are some very effective ways to do just that.

'The chart-topping British pop duo Tears for Fears proved their staying power with platinum-selling singles like \"Everybody Wants to Rule the World,\" \"Shout\" and \"Mad World.\" Now local tribute act Cheers for Fears takes the stage at the Granada Theater with a spot-on performance of note-for-note covers. They\'ll be joined by R.E.M. tribute Men on the Moon, drawing from the iconic rock group\'s vast catalogue.\n'

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While on safari, a tourist had an encounter with a leopard that was far too close for comfort.

Dez heads into the studio with GRAMMY®-winning producer Chris Lord-Alge to put the finishing touches on his new album.

MLive (MI) reports that a new Carfax report estimates that there are more than 57 million “recalled vehicles” on the roads in the United States, down from 63 million active vehicles in 2017. California, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, and New York are the states with the most open vehicle recalls. Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, New Mexico, Alabama, and …

Some life on Earth can count, anticipate future events, and design railway networks without the distinctive organ.

A contemporary crossbody with high-polished accents that pairs wonderfully with most looks. This is your bag! BCBG

The discovery of victims of a Germanic army that fought 2,000 years ago are surprising archaeologists for several reasons.

The following ten projects in the Asia Pacific region—all completed during the past five years—include restored headlands, contaminated canals and marshes cleaned up to serve as wildlife habitats, and a row of parking spaces revamped as a piazza.

Here's a summary of interesting developments in intellectual property, technology, social media, and Internet law for the week ending May 18, 2018.

The Elm St. Music & Tattoo fest brought some of the best tattoo artist in the world to ply their craft at Trees. Among those partaking in the artistry of ink application were Season 10 Ink Master coaches Anthony Michaels, DJ Tambe, Steve Tefft, and also Ryan Ashley Malarkey from Ink Master Angels. Photos by Roderick Pullum

Dallas’ Lost Souls Rugby team is headed to Amsterdam to compete in the Mark Bingham Cup. Team captain Bruises McGee (Todd Maria) said the team will play in at least 6 games from June 7-9 to qualify for the June 10 championship. Lost Souls is the defending Division 3 champ. At least 42 teams are …

Some call them clutter. Others call them transportation. Two wheels for fun. More wheels blocking our paths. This is the push and pull of bike share in Dallas. Since dockless bike share first entered the market last fall, like all transportation, downtown has been the hub of activity—the center of excitement and the root of …

Consumers are inundated with marketing emails. The challenge for ecommerce merchants is to craft subject lines and body content that are relevant to recipi

Deep Ellum and downtown Dallas meet right around 2200 Main St., where a nightclub called Purgatory used to sit. It was a great concept — three floors with different designs, one heaven, one purgatory and the other hell — that quickly went wrong, and the club served as a touch...

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