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While doctors of optometry are certainly Americans’ primary eye care physicians, it could be argued that the profession is heading toward a more encompassing primary care model. The distinction is in optometry’s role in diagnosing, managing and treating systemic as well as ocular conditions.

Global Ophthalmic Lens Market report describes elements such as dominating companies, types, applications, classification, size, SWOT analysis, business atmosphere and most effectual trends in the industry are comprised in this research study. The strategic business tactics accepted by the unique members of the Ophthalmic Lens market have also been integrated with this report. This report has defined the market scenario in an orderly way, emphasizing the…

When bedtime rolls around, you’re anxious to turn out the light and get to sleep. You assume a comfortable position and slowly drift off to sleep. But do you wake up with back aches? Do others

We all know Dallas is brimming with unique margaritas, but nothing quite says Texas like a hint of jalapeno or serrano - even habanero if you dare. This list is certain to heat up the cold Dallas nights all the way into spring.

In order to improve the health and wellness of a community, we must find a way to bridge the gap between healthcare and faith. To that end, Baylor Scott & White Health's Faith Community Health

An experience at Fish & Fizz made me realize I didn't understand the dish. So I tried as many as I can. These are my favorites.

Each year in the U.S. alone, one to six in every 1000 babies are born with permanent hearing loss.1 OZ Systems has led the way for Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) programs nationally and internationally, and is on the forefront in patient data management for newborn hearing screening. OZ Telepathy™ EHDI (optional) improves both the accuracy and applications of EHDI screening results.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is Monday, Jan. 21 and there are numerous ways the city is celebrating his life and remarkable impact and achievements. Here are a few ways you can honor and remember MLK.

Do you only see your family medicine or primary care physician for annual physicals or during cold and flu season? Like many people, you might be unaware of the wide variety of treatments and procedures that can be provided

Research has shown there may be many foot conditions that can develop as a result of being obese. These may include plantar fasciitis, certain types of arthritis, which may include gout and diabetes. The feet bear the weight of the body, and the tissue that connects the heel to the toes may become inflamed as... Read more »

Gaining weight can happen suddenly and at any time. Usually you won’t notice the extra weight until your feet start hurting at the end of the day. This happens as your feet begin adjusting to carrying more weight. Foot swelling and pain are two of the biggest side effects of having gained weight. Many foot-related... Read more »

A study by (ISC)² reveals that the shortage of cybersecurity experts is now at 2.93 million, this creates a challenge...

Families have a lot to prepare for when they are expecting a baby. From doctor’s appointments to finishing the nursery, it’s foreseeable that some items on a parent's to-do list

Research has shown the medical condition that is referred to as cracked heels may originate from wearing shoes with an open back, flip flops, or from standing for the majority of the day. The skin on the feet may become dry and hardened, and cracks or fissures may develop from the pressure the feet must... Read more »

After 86 years, one of Arizona's oldest mysteries finally has real answers through DNA science.

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