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Honey. You can think of it as “meal prep” for bees. Just like you might meal prep for the week ahead, bees work tirelessly during the spring to prepare food for the winter months. One might

Women with heart attack symptoms wait approximately 37 minutes longer than men before reaching out for potentially life-saving medical care, researchers found.

Cataract surgery is irreversible. This is because the cloudy natural lens that results in a cataract is removed during surgery and cannot be placed back in. In most cases, when people ask whether a cataract surgery can be redone, they’re often implying whether a cataract can come back or if there is anything else that can be done to improve their vision
Can a Cataract Come Back?
The good news is that cataracts do not return once they have been removed. A cataract…

Sometimes you may feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Balancing work and family life can be a struggle. You may have to stay late in the office and end up missing

In the United States we perform more than 3 million cataract surgeries per year and that means millions of postoperative eye drop prescriptions. With decli

These tips can help your loved one stay calm amid the holiday chaos.

Partners of sexual trauma survivors can face their own set of challenges. -- Vantage Point Counseling Service - Dallas, TX.

If your eyesight needs correction, and you are looking for an alternative to eyeglasses or contact lenses, LASIK eye surgery in Dallas could be right for you
Many prospective patients contact our LASIK surgeon at LaserCare Eye Center seeking a long-term solution to their vision problems. If you are deemed to be a good candidate for LASIK surgery, LaserCare Eye Center, could help you to see clearly once again.
A Short Term Investment In Your Eye Sight For Long Term Gain
Many people…

Whether you’ll be boarding a plane, hopping on a train or getting behind the wheel, you’ll likely be one of the millions of Americans joining the annual holiday travel rush. You’ve probably checked off the

Research has shown there are over 26 bones and several ligaments and tendons that are in each foot. If an injury is experienced in any portion of the foot or if a medical ailment develops, foot pain or difficulty in walking may be indicative of a serious foot condition. A source of uncomfortable foot pain... Read more »

With an operative field that is tiny, ophthalmic surgery seems like a solo-surgeon effort. After all, how many hands can operate on 1 eye at the same time?

As of December 2017, the United States has more than 312 million (96% of its population) as active internet users, and a quarter of them are online almost

It starts as a lump in your breast. Then the lump invades your brain and convinces you that you actually are sick. Eventually, it moves to your throat and you find that you can’t talk to

While most Texans love when we actually have a snowy winter, we know there’s no guarantee that we will get one. That’s why we’ve put together different ways to experience winter in Texas, whether or not the season brings us snow on the ground. Go Ice Skating If there’s one place you’ll get the chanceRead more

We would like to thank Dr.Scott McLean, a geneticist at The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio, for his webinar on Chromosome Microarray (CMA) for Pediatricians and Primary Care Physicians. If you would like to view the recording of this webinar, you can watch it here.

It is called many things in our society — Aunt Flo, the Crimson Tide, Mother Nature’s Gift — but it’s more commonly known as your period. For many, these few days out of the month

Winter is always a difficult season, with upper respiratory infections such as the common cold, cough and worst of all, the flu. It is quite common to experience laryngitis during an upper respiratory infection or

Vegetarian and vegan diets are growing in popularity and for many people, plant-based eating is a key component of their healthy lifestyle. But if you have diabetes, you might be wondering if a plant-based diet

Chrome 71 comes with 43 security fixes and many new features, including several security changes that aim to help users avoid scams.

Dr. Liz and Rachel Rose from talk about the importance of calendaring time for yourself and your partners in an open or poly relationship. Trans...

Dancing is often considered a recreational activity and all too often overlooked for the positive physical, mental and social health qualities.

The condition that is referred to as flat feet occurs when the arch of the foot is lower than normal. It may also be known as fallen arches and is typically noticeable when the middle of the foot lies flat on the ground. Most babies are born with flat feet, and normal arches will gradually... Read more »

More than one in three genomic epilepsy tests in kids are reclassified in the years following initial reporting, according to a study.

Zero days became part of mainstream security after the world found out that Stuxnet was used to inflict physical damage on an Iranian nuclear facility.

I was born with a congenital heart defect. Transposition of the great arteries (TGA) is a condition where my pulmonary artery and aorta were in reverse position, preventing oxygen rich blood from pumping into my body. TGA babies

Many changes occur naturally in our breasts throughout our lifetime. These changes happen at certain times in the menstruation cycle, during pregnancy, while breastfeeding, and before and after menopause. But sometimes, changes in the breast can