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Recently I met Dan Buettner, the New York Times best-selling author and National Geographic writer of “The Blue Zones of Happiness.” I have since become facinated with his discoveries with living a longer life. [Read more]

Perry is a high level quadriplegic who's came to Freedom to Live after being stuck in a nursing home type setting. Through Freedom to Live, he's been able to...

Robert D. (Bob) Broeksmit, CMB, sat down with MBA Now to talk about taking over as MBA's President and CEO, and his priorities as head of the Association. Fo...

The bond between people and dogs is ancient and mysterious. Scientists still debate when and how our two species got together, but nobody questions how important dogs have been to us over the centuries or how much joy they have brought us.Eager to please by nature, dogs have found endless ways to prove themselves useful: [...]

After we released Corporate+ and Startup Growth for Drupal 8, Directory+ has been the theme most often requested by our users. It was a…

Under general supervision performs various administrative and bookkeeping tasks
Specific Job Duties:
Is responsible for reviewing and updating client files. This would include bringing the year end work to a final report for 5500 filing.
Operate a variety of office equipment, such as a personal computer, printer, and other peripheral computer related equipment, scanner, facsimile, and calculator. Progressively utilizes the features of two or…

In what's being hailed as a breakthrough in spinal cord injury research, four men paralyzed from the chest down have risen on their own volition and effort.

Marlene Chaker, Founder and CEO of AAA Appraisal Management Company, discusses MBA’s Path To Diversity (P2D) Scholarship and Residential Future Leaders Program.

Post Magazine is dedicated to serving the most intensely dynamic segment of the entertainment industry: Post Production. Post magazine has over 25 years of experience covering this business.

Please remember to make arrangements to have your photos taken for the new Good Shepherd Directory. Many have already made their appointments, so
in order to secure the time and date you would like, please make appointments as soon as you are able. We will be taking photos in Rooms 4 and 5 on the Good Shepherd campus from October 1st through October 13th. Hours during the week, 2pm-9pm, and Saturday, 9am-4:30pm. If you are having trouble making your appointment or if you…

What are Mobile Payments?
Mobile payments are defined as transfers of funds using mobile telecommunications networks or diverse mobile devices in both the initiation and confirmation of the payment.
The location of the payer and the supporting infrastructure are not the key factors characterizin

ACROSSER Industrial Computer, Embedded Computing, Embedded System, Embedded PC, Embedded SBC, Fanless Embedded System, Embedded Computer, Embedded Board, Embedded systems, Single Board Computer, Industrial PC, Panel PC, Network application Platform, Industrial automation, Gaming Platform, EPIC, Low Cost PC, Fanless PC with Windows XP Embedded Linux and WinCE. Our product lines include the X86 platform from 386, 486, 586, Pentium III to Pentium 4, utilizing CPUs such…

It's Hispanic Heritage Month. Or actually months, because it starts in September and ends in October. And surprisingly, that's the least confusing part of re...

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Drupal 8 site owners now have six months to upgrade between minor releases instead of one month

#FlowerVaseHair is here! Create yours this fall! Please SUBSCRIBE here! bit.ly/2de1gQj Previous Vlog: www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkfJx_JrRXY NATA...

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (September 14, 2018) - The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) Builder Applications Survey (BAS) data for August 2018 show mortgage applications for new home purchases decreased 4.6 percent compared to August 2017. Compared to July 2018, applications decreased by two percent. This change does not include any adjustment for typical seasonal patterns
The MBA estimates new single-family home sales were running at…

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Cooking classes and schools so your little one can take care of dinner tonight!

Data released by Visa on Wednesday (Aug. 29) showed that counterfeit fraud ticked down at U.S. merchants by 75 percent from September 2015 to March 2018 as more storefronts started accepting chip cards. To that end, Visa said that, as of its latest “Visa Chip Card Update,” as many as 67 percent of storefronts in […]

Six months ago, Drupal's evaluator experience was complex, time-consuming, and frustrating. That's changed dramatically
I previously published an article in which I compared the evaluator experience for Drupal against that of Wordpress, Symfony, and Laravel. I attempted to get a new "Hello World" site up and running in each of the four different PHP frameworks and recorded a few statistics
At the time, Drupal required the…

Tune in to Enter the World of Savage X Fenty—LIVE from NYC. Experience the showcase of the FW ’18 collection and get ready to shop the collection after the s...