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Although many visitors to Great Britain find themselves landing in London, there's plenty more to explore beyond the big city. The Brits are famous for their love of flower-filled gardens and fresh country air, and these small towns are as picturesque as they are relaxing.

As destinations on Europe's Iberian Peninsula, Spain and Portugal are together known for centuries-old culture, tapas and petiscos, avant-garde art and architecture, and much, much more in their shared 223,939 square miles. From island paradises to semi-remote stretches of sand in nature reserves, these are the countries' best beaches.

In just 30 seconds, you can enjoyably consume a viral video or a few Facebook stories. But until now, the shortest thing you could typically listen to was a..

At almost 19 years old, harbor seals Action and Bubba are some of Roger Williams Park Zoo’s oldest residents. Seals’ median life expectancy is 26 years, but they can live to be as old as 40 in human...

Learn about the effects of palm oil on wildlife and wild places, and discover how your choices can help make a difference for conservation.

In defining who you are on social media, networking is key as much here as it is in any type of business. I recently had the privilege of interviewing a ...

Amazon had a glitchy Prime Day, Netflix's Q2 was worse than expected, and a Kodak mining rig company is shutting down.

In the late 18th century, Wolfgang von Kempelen amazed the world with his chess playing automaton, the Mechanical Turk, as it defeated worthy opponents including Napoleon Bonaparte and Benjamin Franklin.

The last time anyone visited the moon was in December 1972, during NASA's Apollo 17 mission. Astronauts often say the biggest reasons why humans haven't returned to the moon are budgetary and political hurdles — not scientific or technical challenges.

RFID chips will be installed on the windscreens of all new cars to help with congestion, pollution, and public security. But with facial recognition technology and the social credit system on the horizon, there are significant privacy concerns.

Topo Chico's sales grew by 30% in the first quarter of 2018, according to Coca-Cola executives. Coca-Cola acquired Topo Chico for $220 million in October 2017. The sparkling-water brand has been around for more than a century, but it gained a cult following in recent years.

Enjoy a video tour of #RWPZoo's upcoming Faces of the Rainforest building!

Kate the elephant celebrates a bit of warmer weather by playing with a tire.

In addition to fostering awareness of the importance of conservation and environment-friendly behaviors, we strive to use best practices in everyday operations at the Zoo. Tell us what you do at home to be "green!" Post to our Facebook page and share your great ideas with all our fans, too!

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Try these tips for sketching whenever you travel. Pack a travel sketchbook and a pen and discover for yourself how making art can open your eyes.

Dreaming of a low-maintenance fall bob without the sacrifice of a dramatic cut? Longer-locked ladies can fake this season’s It-Look with the help of a few stylist tricks and Paul Mitchell® products.

Backpacking can get expensive: decent packs, stoves, sleeping bags, and tents aren’t cheap. Thankfully, there are plenty of affordable ways to solve some of your backwoods needs. Here’s a list of eight items from my house that also work great on the trail.

About: Amphibian species are disappearing at an alarming rate across the
globe due to a number of factors such as habitat loss, pollution and
disease. Become a citizen scientist with FrogWatch USA and help save frogs.
FrogWatch trainings cover the importance of amphibians in the environment,

Dr. Jeremy Goodman – Executive DIrector and Lou Perrotti – Director of Conservation of Roger Williams Park Zoo discuss their FrogWatch program

PROVIDENCE — Lou Perrotti describes his responsibilities at the Roger
Williams Park Zoo as such: “My job is to utilize the zoo’s resources,
staffing, space and means to protect wildlife habitat.”

Roger Williams Park Zoo encourages visitors to get involved in the FrogWatch program; a national initiative to save rapidly disappearing frogs.

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