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A talented young man with autism aspires to be an artist. When he falls in love for the first time, his life begins to spin out of control as he tries to deal with a roller coaster of emotions and first-time experiences.

Asbestos has been restricted but not banned in the US. The EPA could make it easier for this cancer-causing material to make a come back.

Nearly 80% of Winnipeggers support a low-income bus pass program according to a recent poll.The poll asked Winnipegers if they would support a low-income pass similar to Calgary, where residents ca…

'Many Sides to the Reaper' is based on the true story of a Mafia hit-man, set in 1980s Brooklyn, NY. Sal is a family man, businessman and a Made man with the Columbo family and that's just half the story. Come experience the many sides to this complicated character as you get a glimpse into, what is sometimes hard to believe, his real life.

A recent Netflix documentary called “The Bleeding Edge” illustrates some of the problems with the way that many medical devices, including…

d'Oliveira & Associates offers seven safety tips for motorcycle riding. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident contact us today for help.

Nearly 40 percent of daily crude oil production and more than one-third of natural gas output was lost from offshore U.S. Gulf of Mexico wells on Wednesday because of platform evacuations and shut-ins ahead of Hurricane Michael. Michael intensified to a Category 4 storm and is expected to hit the Florida Panhandle later Wednesday with maximum sustained winds of 145 miles (233 kilometers) per hour. Oil producers – including Anadarko Petroleum Corp, BHP Billiton, BP and …

As major hurricane Michael approaches the Gulf Coast Tuesday night, the storm will bring a devastating storm surge as high as nine to 13 feet from Mexico Beach to Keaton Beach, Florida. The forecast wind speed is expected to remain in the 120 mph to 125 mph range at landfall early Wednesday afternoon, as well. Tropical wind speed forecast at landfall early Wednesday afternoon
. Category 3 on the Saffir-Simpson scale: The Saffir-Simpson hurricane intensity scale.

Driving a vehicle with 19 seats in Rhode Island would require a commercial driver's license (CDL) with a passenger endorsement, according to the DMV.

October is filled with opportunities for love, healing, and reflection. October has always been known for its transformativ

NintendoA design sketch for Nintendo's planned Game Boy phone case.Nintendo filed a US patent for a Game Boy-style phone case in March 2018.The case is designed

Coun. Aaron Paquette will bring forward a motion Tuesday to discuss the possibility of free transit in Edmonton.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has fined an Oregon company with mismanaging asbestos during a renovation project. An employee of a drug addiction recovery organization filed a complaint after his concerns about the presence of asbestos in “popcorn” ceiling that was being scraped was dismissed by his management.

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Rhode Island Voter Information Center
Register to vote, check your voter registration information, contact your local board of canvassers, view sample ballots for upcoming elections, find out where your polling place is located and find out who your elected officials are.

Now that Autumn is here the weather is turning colder. The Winter season will be here quicker than you think. Before the temperatures drop further, consider preparing your home with these 5 energy-efficiency tips, and save yourself some money during the Fall and Winter months.

A set of 3 bangles-including a crystal buddha and the word 'namaste.' A reminder to find your calm. Gift to a mother or friend. In Rafaelian Silver Finish.

The Columbus Day Festival returns to Federal Hill Oct. 6–8. Don’t miss the three-day festival, full of amazing food, savory pastries, live entertainment, games and, of course, the much-anticipated annual parade.

Carpe Diem is proud to present the Flared Feet, upgrade any knob or pull from our Classic Feet to the Flared Feet at no additional cost. Just add letter B to the style number (styles 863 and 863B shown on the picture) and receive the Flared Feet Free!.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) will see over $1 billion set aside to help rid older residential buildings of asbestos, lead paint, mold and other dangerous contaminants.

The former worker is suing the global software development giant, accusing the company of refusing to pay him overtime for hours he worked on nights and

More fathers need to talk about their experiences with miscarriages and tell others you can still be Daddy to a baby who is lost before she is born.

A new poll commissioned by the union representing Winnipeg Transit employees says the majority of citizens want to see the provincial government share the cost of transit with the City of Winnipeg.

Amazon announced it is raising its minimum wage to $15, Facebook says it hasn't seen any evidence that the hackers used stolen keys to access users' Tinder, Spotify, or Instagram accounts, and Apple CEO Tim Cook said that it's a "challenge" getting Congress up to speed on new privacy regulations