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A German engineer is in the Okanagan this week to speak at the Kelowna Innovation Centre about a new form of transportation called hydrail and whether it's a fit for the Okanagan.

The downtown relief line is one small step closer to be becoming reality after the province gave it the green light following its environmental assessment of the project.

Canada’s forests stretch across the country and have enormous economic, cultural, environmental, and recreational value. Find out what climate change means for Canada’s forests and trees.

Providence City Hall was built in 1875. Could it be haunted? The Ghost Hunters seem to think so. Read this first-hand experience in "City Hell."

Hundreds of motorcyclists traveled from Lincoln to Providence on Sunday morning, helping to ensure all local children have a happy holiday season.

Help support the charity Blessings in a Backpack designed to help feed underprivileged children by buying ALEX AND ANI's new Apple Charm Bangle!

In addition to cellular and wifi connectivity issues, some users are reporting charging problems with their devices—mainly when their iPhones’ screens are turned off.

This knotted symbol reminds you that every twist and turn on your path has a purpose. The road lies before you. Where will you go? This adjustable statement ring features the cutout PATH OF LIFE symbol and can be worn as a daily reminder to appreciate life’s journey.

Explore the unique mark making qualities of monotype, the painterly print, and expand your art practice. In Monotype and Beyond, you will work with non-toxic Akua water based inks to explore... Read More

Learn the art of wood engraving, an extremely accessible process that you can complete at your home studio. A refined form of block printing, wood engraving offers a full range... Read More

Life is a journey. We each choose our own path and these choices create our future. Every twist, turn, and miraculous detour has its purpose. The PATH OF LIFE captures the essence of life's odyssey and, with its knotted design, reminds us that we are all connected.

Smart home devices can make your life easier — unless they're not working. According to a recent survey from Parks Associates, more than one in 10 consumers report they have experienced technical errors with their connected devices that have yet to be resolved.

Technology appears to be more overwhelming than productivity-boosting. Artificial intelligence may help sort things out.

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By Caroline E. Murphy
Posted on October 1, 2018
The burrowing owl (Athene cunicularia) is listed as a Species of Greatest Conservation Need in 16 states. © Johana Madjedi
The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act ( H.R. 4647 ) – legislation that would dedicate $1.3 billion annually towards the conservation and monitoring of at-risk species at the state level – has just reached 100 co-sponsors in the…

Facebook believes that spammers are to blame for the biggest hack in its history, an Amazon staffer says over 450 employees wrote to Jeff Bezos demanding Amazon stop selling facial-recognition software to police, and Twitter released over 10 million tweets linked to state-sponsored troll accounts.

If you or a loved one has suffered severe construction injuries, you may need a RI construction accident lawyer law firm that can handle these cases.

One of the things we love about Thanksgiving is that it is truly a holiday for everyone. People from all ...

[Dave Buchanan] is giving the world his own take on the now famous shredding Banksy frame. This version has a few extra features though – like reverse shredding and printing money! Like many …

A process to streamline and redefine the leadership structure of the National Setting of the United Church of Christ, through a series of amendments to the denomination’s Constitution, has just been completed.

A talented young man with autism aspires to be an artist. When he falls in love for the first time, his life begins to spin out of control as he tries to deal with a roller coaster of emotions and first-time experiences.

Asbestos has been restricted but not banned in the US. The EPA could make it easier for this cancer-causing material to make a come back.

'Many Sides to the Reaper' is based on the true story of a Mafia hit-man, set in 1980s Brooklyn, NY. Sal is a family man, businessman and a Made man with the Columbo family and that's just half the story. Come experience the many sides to this complicated character as you get a glimpse into, what is sometimes hard to believe, his real life.