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Wrongful deaths are those deaths that occur via someone else’s or another entity’s negligence, intentional act, or recklessness. These kinds of deaths are traumatic and shocking to family and friends. Often the death occurs immediately, but many times the death takes place after a period of time. When wrongful death happens, family members or beneficiaries may be entitled to file...

Unlike the Baby Boomers and Gen X before them, millennials are looking for something different from businesses, particularly in regards to customer service. By his own admission, Jason Mantzoukas' role as Tick Tock Man in the recently-released John Wick: Chapter 3 —…

Every stellar summer needs the perfect soundtrack. Whether is taking a drive with windows down, a pool party, or family…

There is so much in the news about the federal government and state governments filing lawsuit after lawsuit against the makers and distributor (e.g., Oklahoma’s settlement with Purdue Pharma) of opioid drugs. At the start of this month, a jury found Insys Therapeutics guilty of bribing doctors to push its opioid products, particularly a “highly addictive fentanyl spray.” The jury...

Millie Bobby Brown is far from the only Stranger Things cast member who can deliver a top musical performance.

The Toyota Summer Concert Series returns in July! You don't want to miss these 10 concerts at the Pacific Amphitheatre in Costa Mesa

The 100-day period starting Memorial Day and ending on Labor Day is the deadliest for motorists, according to AAA.
Ford Motor Company and California Highway Patrol hosted an event Thursday in Glendale promoting road safety by having participants drive through a controlled course with a "drunk driving suit" that simulates the effects of driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Morgan Hill wants to be known as even more of a destination city -- and it's growing by the day.

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Besides made-to-order malasadas and house-made ice cream, the bakery also churns out these too-cute-to-eat doughnuts made from mochi (pounded rice) and pastry flour.

Join U.S. CAD, a leading BIM consultant and Autodesk Platinum Partner, as part of the team at offices in California, Hawaii, Nevada, and Arizona.

Here are six must-pack items that are right on trend for summer and that will help make outfit-planning a total breeze for your next getaway!

Whenever you’re assigned a new responsibility, task or endeavor, the three most important words you can ask yourself are: “What’s the goal?” And that can be app

See more at: Learn how to create a SOLIDWORKS MBD document for sheet metal components and export to 3D PDF, wh...

Two years ago this month, WannaCry shut down computers across the globe in a matter of hours. Hackers ransomed hundreds of thousands of machines across 150 countries and demanded cryptocurrency to unlock them. On the anniversary of one of the world’s most devastating cyber-attacks, there are big lessons to be learned from the whirlwind that was WannaCry and other damaging global cyber threats
WannaCry Then and…

(MENAFN - Daily News Egypt) Preventive Medicine Administration at the Ministry of Health and Population, announced on Tuesday, a preventive plan to de