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With the dire consequences of climate change looming, archaeologists recognize the importance of communicating their findings on ancient landscapes and the threats that face vulnerable populations.

Feature Reporter Joe Sam checked out some tasty food at an expo geared towards restaurant owners and those interested in getting into the food industry. WTTE. WTTE. WTTE. WTTE. WTTE.

The OACP Education Committee is pleased to welcome back Jonathan Downes and Brad Bennett to present the 2019 offering of the Managing the Discipline Process workshop. The popular workshop will be held on Thursday, April 18 at the Hilliard Joint Safety Services Building. This workshop will require attendance in-person, and seats are limited. Topics to be covered include: Purpose of discipline and progressive discipline; Required employment…

Mentor Public Schools is taking new measures to ensure safety as students board and get off the school bus.

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The Dreamcast Hits Blast from the Past System Bundle (Used) includes:
Sega Dreamcast System - Used, Crazy Taxi, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, Jet Grind Radio.
Not applicable for return on any products that were sold as part of a bundle, unless the bundle is returned complete and in sealed new condition.
Items in this bundle may ship in separate packages.

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All the tips and tricks you need to finally clean up those messy stacks of paper on your working space, right this way.

Seniors in Columbus can work toward preventing seasonal illness by incorporating healthy habits into their daily routine.

In a study on teen girls, it was found that daughters whose mothers constantly nagged them during adolescence were more likely to be successful. Here's why!

COMMENTARY: February meeting of bishops should set a broad agenda for reform, beginning with affirmation of Church teaching on chastity.

The Fox News host amplifies a debate the right needs to have.

ElliQ is an AI driven social companion robot aimed at keeping older adults sharp, connected and engaged. ElliQ is the first proactive AI device that initiates interactions with her users and using machine learning, she personalizes and adapts to her users.

Leading healthy communities in the prevention of substance misuse and the promotion of mental health wellness

This week, NES Financial had the chance to speak with Erin Gillespie, Deputy Chief of Staff at the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DOE), about the potential that Opportunity Zones hold in Florida’s future, and in disaster recovery in general.

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Pond Safety: Stay off the Ice
With temperatures predicted to be in the single digits this weekend, the ponds will begin to freeze. This hardly means the ponds can be considered safe to venture on to for any reason. The ponds are retention basins and are subject to unnoticed fluctuations of water depth. This makes the ice very unstable and it can easily break.
Please talk to your children and teens and warn them to stay off the ice, both around Muirfield Village…

Those of you who know me well might say that I have a bit of a “Jelly Belly” problem. While I’d have to agree with that statement because I do love Jelly Belly’s, it’s probably more accurate to sa…

Dr. Roizen, together with Dr. Oz, writes a daily column syndicated to 134 newspapers. He is an outstanding and informative expert speaker on the topic of wellness.
Chief William Balling, CLEE of the Sidney Police Department and recipient of the 2018 Destination Zero National Officer Safety and Wellness Award will also speak at the seminar. A two hour Resource Fair will include financial, health providers and organizations devoted to health and wellness.

The current toolbox for growing the school/family partnership is broken. It is a system built on old communication methods, inequitable access, and ineffective gatherings. This leaves the support a…

A team of researchers at Technion and the University of Haifa have developed a new computer vision approach for solving archaeological puzzles. In their paper, pre-published on arXiv, they introduce a general algorithm that can automatically reassemble fragments of archaeological artifacts.

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Archaeologists in Egypt have made a new tomb discovery -- the final resting place of a high priest, untouched for 4,400 years, decorated with