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The friends and family rendition of the silhouette is now being auctioned off to raise money for Huntington’s Disease research. Sneakerheads can help here.

Rogue's catalog of Strongman training / atlas stones includes molds from Hybrid as well as American-made Slater Stones, as seen in Worlds Stongest Man competitions.

With a recently awarded SAFER federal grant of nearly $1,000,000, and more than half a million from the city, six new full time firefighters will soon be joining the force.

Aerial of the 700,000-square-foot Amazon distribution center under construction in Euclid, Ohio. Amazon is set to open the doors on its 700,000-square-foot distribution center at 1280 E. 260th St. in Euclid, Ohio, next quarter...

Where you live may not only impact gross income, but also how much of those earnings become take home pay. To find out in which states earners take home more and less on an after-tax basis, SmartA…

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After being without a contract for nearly five years, the Hoboken Fire Officers Local 1076 urged the city council last night to resolve the dispute.

Republican Mike DeWine and Democrat Richard Cordray went head-to-head in their first debate in the race for governor. The two traded jabs in what escalated

Driverless vehicles are coming to Columbus. The green and white self-driving shuttle unveiled by Smart Columbus on Wednesday morning looks something like a

Gov. John Kasich talked about one of his favorite subjects – partnering with community colleges to develop workers’ high tech skills – as he opened the

Jonathon Cooper enrolled two years ago at Ohio State from Gahanna as a five-star recruit.
He went from big fish to a guppy in a loaded pond. Ohio State

Kyle and Dan of FLOYD Detroit talk about how Evans allowed their business to grow and scale.

LePages 2000 talks about its relationship with Evans Distribution Systems and how Evans is valuable to their business. Evans Distribution Systems provides fu...

Evans assisted an initiative by the Revive Matthew 25 Movement, which involved more than 30 metro Detroit Churches donating and delivering bottled water to F...

Our long, hot, swampy, soggy, fiery summer is finally coming to an end on Saturday with the autumnal equinox, marking the beginning of fall.

A California woman who volunteered as a treasurer for the Girl Scouts for two decades has been charged with grand theft after allegedly embezzling nearly $90,000 from scout troops and the Beverly Hills Cancer Center.

Updated: 6:32 PM EDT September 19, 2018
Lee County, SC (WLTX) - Lee County is preparing for flooding that may be coming to the area from the water flowing down rivers in North Carolina
Storm Florence left its impact on the Carolinas over the weekend and now all the heavy rain that filled rivers in North Carolina is heading its way to the Palmetto State.
Mike Bedenbaugh, the Lee County Emergency Manager and fire chief, says their keeping an eye on the river…

Several organizations around the midlands are helping those affected by hurricane Florence this includes the Harvest Hope food bank and local law enforcement.

“Right place, right time. @ColumbusCrewSC are up 1-0 early!”