Restaurants in Columbus, OH - Franklin County

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Restaurants in Southside, Columbus

677 Parsons Ave

Southside Columbus, OH

(614) 940-7908

Buckeye Bourbon House

Restaurants in Downtown, Columbus

36 E. Gay St.

Downtown Columbus, OH

(614) 456-2020

Native Cold Pressed

Restaurants in Victorican Village, Columbus

771A N High St

Victorican Village Columbus, OH

(614) 477-3887

Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse, Columbus

Restaurants in Downtown, Columbus

89 E Nationwide Blvd

Downtown Columbus, OH

(614) 686-7800

The Crest

Restaurants in Clintonville, Columbus

2855 Indianola Ave

Clintonville Columbus, OH

(614) 261-7128

Hai Poké

Restaurants in Victorican Village, Columbus

647 N High St

Victorican Village Columbus, OH

(614) 817-1406

The Crest Gastropub

Restaurants in Near Southside, Columbus

621 Parsons Ave

Near Southside Columbus, OH

(614) 682-7090

Hoof Hearted Brewing

Restaurants in Italian Village, Columbus

850 N 4Th St

Italian Village Columbus, OH

(614) 401-4033

Hoggy's Restaurant and Catering

Restaurants in Northwest, Columbus

830 Bethel Rd

Northwest Columbus, OH

(614) 442-1800

Eddy's Chicken and Waffles

Restaurants in Columbus, OH

3252 Noe Bixby Rd

Columbus, OH

(614) 829-7770

Rush Bowls

Restaurants in Weinland Park, Columbus

262A W Lane Ave

Weinland Park Columbus, OH

(614) 824-2451

Lei’s Asian Bistro

Restaurants in Far North, Columbus

2107 Polaris Pkwy

Far North Columbus, OH

(614) 468-1805

Solid Gold Restaurant

Nightclubs in Northwest, Columbus

5411 Bethel Sawmill Ctr

Northwest Columbus, OH

(614) 764-0500

Pizza Mart

Pizza Restaurant in Northland, Columbus

5413 Sinclair Rd

Northland Columbus, OH

(614) 888-5575

Siem Reap Restaurant

Restaurants/Food & Dining in Greater Hilltop, Columbus

375 Georgesville Rd

Greater Hilltop Columbus, OH

(614) 279-2903