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Greenwood Police have a man in custody after he attempted to kidnap a child from Walmart.

The announcement came one day after Trump revealed he called off military strikes on Iran at the last-minute after learning 150 people could be killed.

Immigrant advocates have ratcheted up their actions amid reports ICE plans to start raids on Sunday in as many as 10 major U.S. cities.

The New York-based advice columnist claims a friendly encounter with Trump at a department store turned violent. Trump called it a 'totally false accusation.'

On Saturday during the second day of the 2019 NHL Draft, Nashville traded veteran defenseman PK...

“I think it comes down to what kind of person you are. That is the culture that you are going to help create. That is where you have an impact.” These are the words of Kelly Roderick, the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for Columbus Crew SC and the only woman in Major League Soccer to

Back when we were young and stubborn, it pained us to admit the times when our mother was right about things. As we grew older, we came to accept these tokens of wisdom from the woman who brought us into this world. Check out our sweet list of things my mother was right about… 10 […]

Permanent ink is forever, and these compelling tattoo quotes will stay with you for a lifetime. It feels like tattoos are everywhere these days. They have become a normal part of every day life. Although people with tattoos used to be looked down upon greatly in the past, tattooing has become an acceptable part of […]

The appendix is an appendage that hangs off the beginning of the colon, or large intestine. It doesn’t have a function, and we all can live without it. But when it gets gets infected or bursts – causing appendicitis – you’re in trouble.

The shoot-down by elite Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces marked the first time the Islamic Republic directly attacked the American military amid mounting tensions.

The Senate passed its version of the operating budget this week by a vote of 33-0. As expected, the House rejected the Senate's changes, setting the stage for conference committee to take place next week. The conference committee conferees include Sens. Matt Dolan , Dave Burke and Sean O'Brien and Reps. Scott Oelslager , Jim Butler and Jack Cera
Please take a moment to thank your senators for their support of county government in their budget proposal. The Senate's retention of the…

Twenty-eight members of the current player pool filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles in March

2-Year-Old With Rare Cancer Now has a Reason to Celebrate | blog.highlights.com

XENIA — Xenia Firefighter/paramedic Levi Dalton is getting a special ride at the Dayton Air Show Friday.Dalton, who in February performed CPR on a li

Akron, Ohio A familiar face in Lakemore Village now is serving in a new role.
At the June 17 meeting, Council members unanimously...

Franklin University just got less expensive.Starting this fall, undergraduate classes at the Downtown college will cost $398 per credit hour, a

Hong Kong has been rocked by major protests for the past two weeks over legislative proposals that many view as eroding the territory's judicial independence.

The 75-year-old showed no sign of ill health three months after the tour was postponed because a doctor said he required medical treatment.

Crestwood product was taken with the second overall pick in Thursday's NBA Draft