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More than five months since carbon monoxide poisoning killed two men at Allen Benedict Court apartments HUD is adding resources to make public housing units safer.

The delay comes after the judge ruled she will disregard letters written by the deceased driver's relatives.

She has a baby on the way, but this former corrections officer could expect some jail time if she's convicted.

State health officials are advising customers who went to the Wild Wing Cafe on Bower Parkway after an employee tested positive.

News19's Chief Meteorologist was asked what he would say to his 17-year-old self. What advice would he give to himself about his future? Jim's "note to self" reflects on his life and career.

Two Oklahoma businesses have come together to create the Oklahoma Impact Accelerator. It's a new platform for investing in several areas of our community. Ed Long, Founder and Principal of Cross Sector Innovations, and Blake Trippet, President of Metafund, joined Living Oklahoma to talk about the program and how it's improving outcomes across the state. For more information on the Oklahoma Impact Accelerator, call 405-922-7580. You can also check them out online.

SC Works in Sumter has services to help you build a resume, prepare for an interview and find a job.

Did a suburban Chicago hospital act properly? A sheriff's department is asking Illinois' child welfare agency to investigate.

No arguments at the court last week, but we received 13 published opinions and 9 unpublished opinions. Plus, as we’ll discuss later this week, one

The long, odd spring string of wavering temperatures and stormy episodes might have ended with the 50-something highs posted early last week.Long-range

The Shook, Hardy & Bacon partner is Johnny and a true Renaissance man to her aunt, Judge Rosemary Barkett.

Bryce Evans says trying to support his mom, who was in and out of jail, while being in school almost caused him to drop out

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The Toledo Museum of Art (TMA) will host a continuing education conference for teachers Friday, June 14. Drawn to Learn: Visual Strategies for Student Success is a unique-one day conference for K-12 teachers, offering tools and strategies for incorporating visuals into the classroom.

Forest Drive is starting to get back to normal Tuesday afternoon, but drivers may still experience some traffic delays

Looking for Game of Thrones quotes on why the entire world is addicted to the quest for the Iron Throne? Game of Thrones is one of the most compelling and most viewed shows of all time. The series has drawn a wide fan base, with people watching it for many different reasons. Besides the obvious […]

There is constant debate in the insurance industry on how best to insure condos. Here are 3 important things to consider when insuring your condo. 1. What am I responsible for and how much does tha…

Officials from 29 cities and counties recently gathered in Salt Lake County, Utah to swap ideas on how to advance their communities’ youngest residents ages prenatal to 3, through the National C

No one likes going to the hospital, or paying bills, but paying bills from the hospital can be confusing for even the most astute patients. Deciphering an explanation of benefits (EOB) from a health insurance company and trying to determine what you owe and to whom can cause some serious headaches. (Which hopefully don’t lead …

The station also previously pulled an episode of 'Arthur' in 2005 when a character had two mothers.