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Your weekend plans just got more exciting. We’re bringing you the newest releases to your favorite AMC theatre, and with options in every film genre, there’s something for everyone. Check out the...

“Find the clues or die.” The first horror film of 2019 makes serious demands. When ESCAPE ROOM opens on January 4, this psychological thriller will turn a weekend pastime into a life and death...

For film lovers of a certain generation, Liam Neeson is one of the coolest action stars in recent years. For fans of a different (and slightly older) generation, Neeson has always been a versatile...

Disney has captured our imaginations for decades and continues to find new ways to return to stories that defined the studio. The company’s current strategy is revisiting animated classics, such as...

Kammy's Kause is celebrating 15 years of restoring hope and transforming lives across America! The two-day music festival will be held at Hoosier Park Racing & Casino this weekend, Saturday, August 11th & Sunday, August 12th.

It’s the kind of question that comes up in late-night summer camp convos, during those dreaded “getting to know you” icebreaking games, and in the midst of dinner party conversational lulls: if you were stranded on a deserted island, what book would …

Attack on Titan doesn’t need a lot of publicity to keep it afloat. The series churns out enough [...]

Nestled in Hancock County, Fortville is one small town with lots of charm, and lots of great eats. Take your family on a fun foodie adventure just northeast of Indianapolis with some of these great restaurants.
Sunrise Bakery
If you like donuts

GREENFIELD — Dana Brown picked up the microphone, her voice shaking slightly as she began to address the crowd. Hurt. Gratitude. Nervousness. Determination. Each emotion -- those of a mother still mourning the loss of her son -- came through in every syllable as she spoke, thanking the crowd for coming out to support their

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Search Fazoli's locations for Italian fast casual. Try our freshly prepared breadsticks, pizzas, salads and pastas made with authentic ingredients.

On a typical night in America, 133,000 people are in jail just for drug possession at vast cost to themselves and taxpayers.

We're giving a whole new meaning to a clean plate. With every meal from our kitchen, we're committed to eliminating all artificial preservatives and additives. You'll only find real ingredients, real flavor and nothing you can't pronounce.
See the full list here of artificial ingredients that you will never find in our food.

Books are magical things that can transport us out of the very depths of despair and back into the bright places of the world. If you're in need of a pick-me-up, I have 15 uplifting books that will soothe your soul in dark times, because everyone des

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