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The automotive e-commerce giant has important growth opportunities beyond simply improving its web traffic and forming new dealer partnerships.

Author and educator Steve Franklin explains how getting fired isn’t always a bad thing when you learn to be a student of your circumstances.

Pastor Derrick explains Christ Community's heart for outwardly focused love over our 20-year history, and with the help of outreach director Pam Bone, details…

eMarketer digs into the latest data on usage and advertising, three months after the Cambridge Analytica revelations.

Friday, June 8th, 2018
This week Columbus State University’s TSYS School of Computer Science is hosting a workshop to provide a select group of local teachers with the skills and knowledge they need to bring cybersecurity curricula into their schools
“I wanted to learn about cybersecurity because it is a highly needed area,” said Chris Lovelock, workshop attendee and technology and engineering teacher at Double Churches…

No doubt, green juice is the better thing to sip on when it comes to shedding belly fat. But if you're going to imbibe, here's how nutritionists wish you would incorporate alcohol into your healthy eating plan.

Looking for things to do in Georgia? Find attractions, events and more in Columbus, GA. Ride the longest urban whitewater rafting course in the world. Learn more.

Regular customers say courtesy from Syphers is not unusual, but part of his DNA.

These seven tips will help you strike a perfect balance between retaining your house's historic character and decorating for your own tastes.

June 6, 2018 - Apple has quietly announced that future versions of CarPlay are finally
going to work with third-party navigation systems.

An effective health and safety program can enrich the employee’s overall well-being and help alleviate unnecessary direct and indirect costs for the employer.

If one button could change everything, save a life or help a teen, wouldn't you tell everyone about it?

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 746, originally published in November 2016
This episode focuses on the opportunities which exist when self-managing an income property. First, Jason reviews a Business Insider article regarding dwindling investment property inventories. And later in the podcast, Jason is joined by Bill, who helps manage Fernando's Atlanta and Texas properties. Bill discusses the steps necessary when self-managing income properties. He…

The mission of Tara Mediterranean is to study the interaction between the plastic pollution of the Mediterranean basin and the marine ecosystem and its biodiversity.

This year, Vacation Bible School will take place in St. Anne Church’s Visitation Hall Monday, June 18-Friday, June 22 from 9 a.m. to Noon each day. Children ages Pre-K4 through 5th grades who are Catholic or interested in the Catholic faith are invited to participate. This year’s theme will be “Around the World in 5 Days!” and will focus on a different saint each day! Students in grades 6-12 are invited to be volunteers; adult volunteers will be needed, too! Please click on…

Welcome to Columbus Technical College, a unit of Georgia's system of Technical colleges.

Three Gen Z-ers from across the country take us through their day in screenshots, for an inside glimpse of the world of a teenage girl.

The following is an overview of provisions of the new tax reform law affecting current and prospective homeowners. Home Ownership Matters will be providing ongoing updates and guidance on this topic in the coming weeks.

Looking for an event space as unique as your group? You’re certain to find it here in Columbus.
Whether you’re planning a small reception or need an entire performance hall – or something in between – we’ve got the perfect space to make your meeting memorable!
Call us and let us help you find the right meeting space for your needs 800.999.1613 . Below is a partial list of locations.
Chattahoochee River Club
Rankin Garden

USO staff combed through National Archives files and hand-selected some hard-to-find photographs in honor of the anniversary of D-Day.

Wed, 6 June 2018
Jason Hartman takes some time before this 10th episode interview to discuss the concept of the mini-family office and how you can incorporate VAs (virtual assistants) into the mix. Jason provides a litany of websites where you can find VAs, as well as an insight into what characteristics you need to be looking for. Then there's the monetary side of it: does it make financial sense to hire a VA to do this? Well, you can use the Hartman…

Jobseekers have a tough road ahead with the current market being so competitive. As a result, these individuals really need to buckle down and ensure they are following the best practices of the jo...

Use Google tools such as testmysite to see how your mobile site speed performs on mobile devices. Stand and Stretch, a digital marketing and web design team from Columbus Georgia can help you interpret your results and improve your SEO.

Jason Hartman talks with Financial Survival Network's founder Kerry Lutz for the whole episode today, as the two discuss the very important concept of financial repression. While financial repression is bad for individuals, it can be very lucrative for people who have invested in real estate properly in their younger years
The two also discuss the current phenomenon of "tax refugees" being created by states like…

Businesses that exist in high-risk industries face unique occupational health challenges. New and inexperienced employees may be more prone to making dangerous errors that not only slow productivity, but can often result in expensive treatment, lost wages, and liability costs.